Zozi has been dragged into Shudu's grad scandal

Images via Twitter @zozitunzi/@abigailmusida/Twitter

‘Zozi wouldn’t allow this’: SA pits Zozi against Shudu after grad mess

Miss SA Shudu Musida is still receiving backlash for her ‘special priviledge’ graduation and now former Miss Universe Zozi has been dragged into the mess as well.

Zozi has been dragged into Shudu's grad scandal

Images via Twitter @zozitunzi/@abigailmusida/Twitter

Former Miss South Africa and Miss Universe Zozibini Tunzi has been dragged into current Miss SA Shudufhadzo Musida’s graduation “scandal”.

On Tuesday this week, Shudufhadzo was seen graduating on a Wits stage while many other graduates were robbed of the opportunity because of the pandemic.

Miss SA Shudu dragged for ‘special treatment’

Current Miss SA Shudufhadzo “Shudu” Musida’s happiness for becoming a proud Wits graduate was short-lived after she became a proud Wits graduate. The young model celebrated bagging her BA honours degree in international relations with some heartwarming snaps.

Many people were left super inspired and shared a plethora of thoughtful congratulatory messages with the gorgeous Limpopo beauty but not everyone was impressed…

All the drama began after the University of the Witwatersrand decided that they would be honouring Shudu with a special ceremony to celebrate her meticulous achievement.

Many Witsies were left feeling all sorts of emo since they only got e-mails congratulating them for graduating.

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Not long after Shudu was trending for her special treatment, Zozibini started trending on South African Twitter streets. Many people started praising Zozi while dragging poor Shudu.

According to the many tweets, Zozi would have never allowed Wits to honour her while other people did not get the same privilege.


@mzamogalore said:

“I’m sure Zozi wouldn’t have agreed to do that graduation alone while other students didn’t. Unengqondo uZozi and always tries not being treated special andimazi yena lona.”

Mzansi has mixed reactions to the Shudu graduation mess

Not everyone sided with Miss Tunzi on this one though. A lot of people decided that all anger should be directed at Wits Instead. Others however said that people should just accept that being Miss South Africa comes with perks that not everyone gets. Read a few of their comments below:

“But isn’t Miss SA all about privileges? Last year those of us who travel for work purposes had to watch Zozi going up and down New York while we couldn’t work. No one cried on why she’s allowed to travel lol… it’s unfortunate but the title comes with perks,” said lonah933.

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