Tweeps drag Minnie Dlamini. Images via Instagram @minniedlamini.

What happened to Minnie’s ‘R10 million’ company, skincare range?

We take a look at how Minnie Dlamini’s skincare range and her ‘R10 million’ company Modi Dlamini Marketing reportedly vanished.


Tweeps drag Minnie Dlamini. Images via Instagram @minniedlamini.

The TV personality’s ‘R10 million’ company Modi Dlamini Marketing and skincare range of products MD by Minnie Dlamini appears to have disappeared after hitting the shelves in 2019  

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City Press reports that the media personality’s reported R10 million company Modi Dlamini Marketing, which produced her product range, MD by Minnie Dlamini had outstanding annual tax returns for the third time since it was registered in 2016, though it was unclear how much she owed SARS.   

The publication adds that the skincare range was sold at Shoprite in 2021 before it disappeared from the shelves, and the Instagram account, website has been deleted and the Facebook and Twitter accounts haven’t been posted for ages  

Dlamini’s company was also almost deregistered in 2018 and again in 2020 for not submitting annual tax returns, according to papers City Press shared.  

It is believed the HomeGround TV personality received numerous emails before the company was flagged for deregistration due to noncompliance with SARS regulations.  

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The TV star was also trolled on social media after revealing in a Destiny magazine interview that she received a R10 million grant from the Industrial Development Corporation (IDC) to cover the start-up costs and that her skincare range could make that money back within a year.  

“Our engagements with the IDC were pretty painless because my partner’s been dealing with them for a long time. So, it was just a case of creating a new joint company for a deal.”   

She later changed her statement by releasing a statement saying the grant was a loan that she had to repay.  

“In my Destiny [magazine] cover [story], I was quoted saying I received a grant from the IDC for my new business. I, in fact, applied for a loan payable with interest, which is still pending due to the error. My apologies for any confusion caused. For the record, the mistake was entirely mine and I apologise further,” she tweeted.  

IDC’s spokesperson Tshepo Ramodibe also denied giving Dlamini’s company a loan or a grant this week.  

“Ms Minnie Dlamini has never been a client of the IDC. A company she was associated with approached the IDC for funding in 2018. Following preliminary engagements with the applicant, the IDC did not grant the said business any funds.”  

Oupa Segalwe, spokesperson for the Public Protector told City Press this week that the investigation into Dlamini’s ‘funding’ ended the same year:  

“The investigation was closed in February 2019 after several attempts to secure a meeting with the complainant failed. At the consultation meeting, the complainant was expected to provide the Public Protector with information pointing to any wrongdoing on the part of the IDC.  

“The complainant had indicated that she based her complaint on a tweet. Some form of evidence of wrongdoing is required before an investigation can be carried out.  

“The absence of such information and the unavailability of the complainant to consult with the investigators on such issues leads to the closure of matters,” Segalwe said.  

Dlamini did not comment at the time of publishing this article.