Minie Dlamini and her group of girlfriends

Minie Dlamini and her group of girlfriends
Image via Instagram


Minnie Dlamini divorce: Tweeps claim pals – including Unathi – are to blame

Minnie Dlamini’s group of girlfriends – including Unathi Nkayi – have been blamed for the breakdown of her marriage to Quinton Jones…

Minie Dlamini and her group of girlfriends

Minie Dlamini and her group of girlfriends
Image via Instagram


Minnie Dlamini and her impending divorce have caused much speculation amoungst tweeps.

The actress and TV personality announced news of separation from Quinton Jones a day after Valentine’s Day on Tuesday, 15 February.

Since then her name has been topping the Twitter trends list after tweeps weighed in with their views of the short-lived marriage.

But one rumour that keeps doing the rounds is that her group of gal pals are one of the reasons for her split. And even close friend Unathi Nkayi has been dragged in to the mix.

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Over the past few months, Minnie Dlamini has posed many pics of her circle of gal pals on her Instagram account.

In one post, Minnie referred to one of her bestie’s Azola Mona – who was her bridesmaid at her 2017 wedding – as her “ride or die” friend.

“My girls. I love you guys sooooo much” she captioned a picture of her best friends, whilst in another Minnie and a pal flaunted their summer bodies.

In a post that went viral in December, Minnie Dlamini posted a clip from her friendcation with her pals, including Unathi Nkayi.

Minnie labelled another pic of her gal pals as the “hot moms club”

“These are the woman that have held me down during this journey through motherhood. Forever blessed”, she captions the post.

Coincidently, Minnie Dlamini’s latest film The Honeymoon is about a group of girlfriends who go on a wild trip together after one of them narrowly escapes a doomed marriage.

According to IOL, Minnie plays the character of Lu, who is married with two kids and “stuck in a rut”.

She told the publication: “She’s someone I think we can all relate to. We’ve all felt stuck in some way in our lives and it’s about how we get ourselves out of it before it’s too late.”


Unathi, who was pitted against Minnie Dlamini by body-shamers, has also been roped into the divorce debacle.

According to tweeps, the divorced radio DJ had an “influence” on Minnie’s decision.

“Elders once said ‘show me your friends i will show you your future’. I knew it that umjita’s marriage is in danger and about to collapse when his wife started hanging out with people (friends) who are not married(single people & divorcee)”

“I blame Unathi for Minnie Dlamini’s divorce. That woman I don’t trust her”

“Allegedly Unathi is the reason Minnie Dlamini is filing for divorce. Moral of the story you can’t have a divorcee friend while you’re in a “happy”marriage

“Minnie Dlamini getting a divorce after losing all her juice. Unathi video caused all of this”