Ayanda Thabethe

‘PM isn’t in any marriage by law’: Ayanda Thabethe refutes adultery claims. Image via @ayandathabethe_/Instagram

He’s not legally married: Ayanda Thabethe rubbishes adultery rumours

Ayanda Thabethe and her partner ‘PM’ have released a statement which rubbishes rumours that he’s married or cheating on his wife with her.

Ayanda Thabethe

‘PM isn’t in any marriage by law’: Ayanda Thabethe refutes adultery claims. Image via @ayandathabethe_/Instagram

Media personality Ayanda Thabethe has released a statement that rubbishes claims that she is dating a married man, who was revealed by blogger Musa Khawula as Peter Matsimbe.  

Thabethe released a statement through her lawyers, Makuta Attorneys, who reveal that their client’s silence has made the rumours uncontrollable and her situation intolerable.  


The former Top Billing TV presenter Ayanda Thabethe and her partner’s joint statement states that she’s not in a relationship with a married man and has not been provided with evidence.  

The statement which was released on her social media accounts also states that her partner PM (Thabethe’s boyfriend) is not in any marriage or union recognized by any law.  

“Despite the facts, Ms. Thabethe and PM have found themselves to be on trending topics that are hateful, heinous, and defamatory. The said rumors have stained Ms. Thabethe’s reputation and the brand she has worked very hard to build.”  

Makuta Attorneys further stated that they were aware of “pages” that started the rumours and were currently being investigated, and they promise that action will be taken against the “perpetrators”.  

Thabethe has hogged headlines since her birthday celebration in Dubai this month with the man in question and since tweeps questioned her divorce from Andile Ncube.  

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Tweeps are still not buying her statement and are criticising her for allegedly dating PM Khawula claimed a few days ago that he’s still married to Shannen Thring.  


“Nowadays there’s a statement for everything.”  


“Sooo, he isn’t your brother?”  


“The emphasis on “not recognised by any law” is giving Mohale vibes.”  


“So what is he to u because it’s not mentioned that he’s your brother.”   


“The IT girls don’t like what MacG says then they go around & do exactly what he is been saying.”

“Ayanda Thabethe are you in cloud nine namadoda abantu in Dubai?”

“Even gave them children but we are forced to say Ayanda is living soft life because of her hard work or else we are misogynists?”   

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