Ama2000 Queen Minaj

Ama2000’s Queen Minaj invades KFC half naked. Photo: Queen Minaj/ Facebook

Man threatens Ama2000 Queen Minaj following viral KFC Photo

Ama2000 Queen Minaj shares a voice note between herself and ‘the man standing behind her’ in the viral KFC photo.

Ama2000 Queen Minaj

Ama2000’s Queen Minaj invades KFC half naked. Photo: Queen Minaj/ Facebook

Limpopo-based entertainer Ama2000 Queen Minaj claims the audio she released on social media is a conversation between herself and the man who was drooling over her in the viral KFC photos.  

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The Ama200 dancer Queen Minaj, real name Lunya Makua, shared a voice note on Facebook, which reveals a man threatening to take her to court over the series of photos at KFC with a man staring at her butt-revealing underwear.

Queen Minaj, who now calls herself Queen Minajos on Facebook captioned the post with the audio:

“So that guy at KFC says I’m not even hot. But he was standing behind me the whole time I was taking pictures and smiling.”

In the voice note, the man asks the entertainer why she’s sharing pictures of herself with other people [these are people’s husbands]. He also tells her that she’s ruining people’s reputations by sharing her naked pictures with other people in them. 

The man in the audio also tells her that her days on earth are numbered when she refuses to take down the pictures and tells her that he’s taking her to court.

“You didn’t want to leave, you were standing at the back and drooling the whole time. I am not scared of you,” says Queen Minaj.

The man adds that she’s bewitched because it’s abnormal for anyone to take off their clothes in public.

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“Now this is funny, I am sure his wife is fxn mad.”


“Bathong anger ekana (so much anger) noo maan daaimaan onale flop…this is South Africa free country…keep doing what you are doing girls it keeps us going danko.”


“How did you exchange Numbers?? Nifike kanjani lapho??”


“Mara that guy was enjoying the view xem that’s why he didn’t move.”

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Man drooling over her at KFC. Image via Facebook @QueenMinajos