Mampintsha and Zama Gumede

Mampintsha’s mom Zama Gumede. Photo: Facebook Ezivuthayo Emaputaland

Mampintsha’s mother reportedly suffers stroke, ‘lands in hospital’

Pinky Gumede says their mother Zama Gumede has landed in hospital after suffering a stroke and still calls for her brother Mampintsha.

Mampintsha and Zama Gumede

Mampintsha’s mom Zama Gumede. Photo: Facebook Ezivuthayo Emaputaland

It is believed Mampintsha’s mother Zama Gumede has not been well since her son’s hospitalisation. Her health started deteriorating before Mampintsha’s death and she suffered a stroke.

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Zimoja reports that when Zama Gumede’s son Mampintsha was first hospitalised with a stroke, she could not cope with the idea of him being gone. Mampintsha’s sister Pinky Gumede says her mother is in hospital receiving medical care.

“I needed to remove her from the house and to the hospital because too many visitors were coming in and out of the house, some with condolences and some with bad intentions. She is not taking Mandla’s death well. She started feeling ill before him but got worse when he was first admitted into the hospital.” 

Zama’s condition deteriorated and doctors gave her a drip and then discharged her and it was hard for her to even attend the memorial service and funeral. 

“We had to help her to walk. But now she is worse. The doctor says her liver has been affected and she also has been diagnosed with a stroke. But her stroke is not bad, she will not be disabled If she takes her medication. She has not been able to eat properly and that is affecting how she takes her medication.” Pinky says Mampintsha’s death hit her hard.”

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Pinkly Gumede also tells Zimoja that their mother is asking for Mandla aka Mampintsha. 

“Even now she is still asking for Mandla and I’ve had to tell her that he is at the airport. She didn’t have diabetes or high blood pressure, nothing.She was fit and even worked out. But this is hard. She needs a private hospital and a psychologist to help her deal with the trauma, so she can move on. At the moment we do not have money to give her special health care and we are. appealing for help.” 

Iharare adds that Babes Wodumo’s mother-in-law Zama Gumede hasn’t been well since her husband died in 2016.

“Ever since her husband died in 2016, she hasn’t been okay, she had liver complications, but she is now worse. When Mandla died she wasn’t even drinking alcohol anymore.” 

Mampintsha’s sister is asking the public to assist her financially as she wants to move her to a private hospital. 

“I don’t have money to do that. I am appealing to the public to assist me so I can get her the best treatment,” she said.

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Mampintsha's Mother diagnosed with stroke

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