‘Guilty conscious’: Mzansi drags MaMkhize’s reaction about Sithelo’s abuse. Images via Instagram @kwa_mammkhize @_sithelo

‘Guilty conscious’: Mzansi drags MaMkhize’s reaction about Sithelo’s abuse

Shauwn ‘MaMkhize’ Mkhize reveals in a statement regarding Sithelo’s abuse allegations against Andile that she doesn’t condone abuse.


‘Guilty conscious’: Mzansi drags MaMkhize’s reaction about Sithelo’s abuse. Images via Instagram @kwa_mammkhize @_sithelo

Reality TV star Shauwn ‘MaMkhize’ Mkhize has released a statement regarding Sithelo Shozi’s abuse allegations against her son Andile. Her statement which is currently trending on social media didn’t sit well with South Africans who feel that she’s enabling her son’s actions.

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MaMkhize released the statement on her Instagram account a day after the mother of her grandchildren Sithelo Shozi made abuse allegations against her son and Royal AM chairman Andile Mpisane.  

The DJ-businesswoman revealed why she and Andile separated and why he married Tamia Louw Mpisane three months after she gave birth.    

Shozi who also Sithelo accused the father of her children – Florence “Flo” and Likuwe “Coco” Mpisane – of being abusive also revealed that she had a miscarriage due to the physical violence and showed proof of psychologist visits.   

“Let’s start when I was beaten to a pulp and had a miscarriage at the hands of my so-called ‘victim’ in a room of his family and friends, rushed to the nearest hospital and treated like nothing happened,” she wrote.”  

MaMkhize rubbished her abuse allegations in a statement that reads:  

“I have been made aware of allegations made against my son, Andile Mpisane by Sithole Shozi on her Instagram account,” the statement reads.   

“I do not take lightly these accusations given my history and strong stance against gender-based violence. I do not and will never condone violence in any form or nature.”   

“I would like to categorically state that neither myself nor my family have been witness to any alleged abuse. These allegations are false and defamatory.” She goes on to say that they will be seeking legal advice on the matter.”  

“Given the nature, severity, and extent of these allegations, the matter has been referred to our legal team. It’s of the utmost importance that the law takes its course.”  


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“This statement is the very reason that boy acts and does what he did to Sithelo.”

“In one clip he is heard saying Sithelo will never see the child again. Who Is He!!!! I wish there was a lawyer that can take this case probono for Sithelo.”  


“#Mamkhize ‘s statement screams enabler. Not once did she address her son threatening to call a hit on Sithelo or even him refusing for her to see her child.”

“All she cares about are allegations because y’all made her think she’s some sort of a celebrity.”  


“MaMkhize should keep his puppy on a tight leash. That boy is the one who keeps going after Shozi… or that retard of son must man up and decide what he wants!! Simple!”

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