Jub Jub

Jub Jub is accused of raping Amanda du Pont. Image via Instagram @official_jubjub.

‘She calls sex, rape:’ Mama Jackie allegedly defends Jub Jub [listen]

Mama Jackie has been trending on twitter after alleged audio clips of her defending Jub Jub against Amanda du Pont’s rape claims leaked.

Jub Jub

Jub Jub is accused of raping Amanda du Pont. Image via Instagram @official_jubjub.

Mama Jackie allegedly defended her son Jub Jub after actress Amanda du Pont accused him of rape on Thursday 2 December. 


Mama Jackie has been trending on Twitter after alleged audio clips of her defending her son Jub Jub have been doing the rounds. Amanda du Pont accused Jub Jub of raping her for two years via an Instagram video on 2 December. 

Celebrities, influencers and the public stood in solidarity with Amanda as more alleged victims such as Masechaka Khumalo came forward. Mama Jackie then allegedly defended the Uyajola 9/9 host. She asks why Amanda did not tell her parents and went on to accuse her of calling sex, rape.

“Why didn’t she open a case,” is heard in the audio clip. 

“She had parents. Why couldn’t she report to her parents? Sex, that she was having for two years. She calls it rape. 

Mama Jackie then claimed Amanda was expecting twins and questions where they are now.

“She called me (saying) she is expecting twins, where are the twins,” according to the audio clip. 

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Twitter users dragged Mama Jackie after the alleged audio clips surfaced. 

“Mama Jackie (is) defending her son like she would from the early ages. I don’t know (how) she can’t see how she raised him is affecting everything today. Her son first of all doesn’t have respect at all, she must stop it now. Jub Jub is a person who would do wrong and thinks it’s right,” wrote @Tokzen_Gardner.

“Mama Jackie is the cause of the way her son treats women. Even on Uyajola, you see the hostility he has towards them. She is the bigger cause of this whole issue. I hope they lock her up too and throw away the keys,” wrote @asanda_teedow.

“Jub Jub is 41 years of age. What the hell is Mama Jackie doing getting mixed up in his issues? Tells you how toxic that woman is,” wrote @ArthurMaisela.

“May my mother never defend me like this and may I never defend my kids like this. We have a justice system. My parents should support that and whatever outcome it gives. Mama Jackie doesn’t go everywhere with her son. There’s so much she doesn’t know about him,” wrote @VictorVeeM.

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