MacG calls out Boity, Cassper Nyovest and others for ‘mizing’ ‘Podcast And Chill’. Images via Instagram @boity @macgunleashed.

‘B*tch please’: MacG slams Boity & others for ‘mizing’ ‘Podcast & Chill’

Controversial podcast host MacG slammed Boity Thulo along with Cassper Nyovest, AKA and others for snubbing ‘Podcast & Chill.’


MacG calls out Boity, Cassper Nyovest and others for ‘mizing’ ‘Podcast And Chill’. Images via Instagram @boity @macgunleashed.

Controversial podcast host Macgyver Mukwevho, popularly known as MacG slammed media personality Boity Thulo and other celebrities for “mizing” his invite on Podcast And Chill as seen in a video shared to Twitter on 5 April. 


MacG slams Boity Thulo, Cassper Nyovest, AKA, Moozlie and others because they did not want to come on Podcast And Chill.

“There are some celebs that we reach out to and they’re like no… or they just blue tick us. So, I appreciate guys who are like… listen, I love your sh*t but I don’t want to come on, you know,” said MacG.

“Like Euphonik. I once tried to have him on and he was like I’d love to come on but I don’t trust myself. So I wont come on, so, was okay… I appreciate that,” he continued. 

“Boity… how long have we been trying Boity? I even met her at a launch. I’m like Boity when you coming on? Hi… I’ll call you. I want to come but time, I’ll let you know. I’m like b*tch please. You don’t want to come. 

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Sol Phenduka said he couldn’t understand why Euphonik would not want to come because he has two wives. The podcast host thought having two wives was much harder than doing an interview. 

“Euphonik can handle two wives, what’s an interview? You know the headache of handling one wife? Euphonik can handle two. One is even a lawyer, come on,” he said.

MacG went on to say that Cassper Nyovest, Moozlie, AKA and others have also snubbed his invites to the podcast. 

“Who else doesn’t want to come on? Give me names and I’ll tell you if they want to come on or not. Cassper, not ever. He is never ever going to come! You know what happens with Cassper? I will call TLee (Cassper’s manager) and he will be like no we are not doing interviews. And then next week he’s on some podcast or TV show,” he said.

“Moozlie is definitely not coming. She blew us off twice,” he continued. 

“Nah he’s not going to come,” he responded when asked about AKA. 

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