Londie London

Reality TV star Londie London. Images via Instagram @londie_london_official

‘It wasn’t the first time’: Londie on Hlubi taking back THAT car

‘He was tracking my whereabouts’: Londie London set the record straight on her ex-fiancée Hlubi Nkosi taking back the car he had given her.

Londie London

Reality TV star Londie London. Images via Instagram @londie_london_official

Musicians and reality TV star Londie London is setting the record straight on many rumours about her life including the February reports that her ex-fiancée and businessman, Hlubi Nkosi, took back the luxury BMW he had given her to transport their kids.

The Real Housewives of Durban (RHOD) star told podcaster L-Tido on his YouTube show that Hlubi did take back the car and it was not the first time.

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Londie explained that the businessman – with whom she shares two kids – had ground rules when he told her she could keep the car. The former couple broke up last year, with Londie confirming in October that it was over.

“Yes, there were certain rules that he was trying to lay in terms of the car situation. Well, obviously, we were not together so you cannot report your whereabouts to someone you are not together with.

“First of all, you’re not even checking on the kids but you want an update on where I am,” she said.

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According to Londie, she was not a party or club the day the car was repossessed by her ex. She says she was at a corporate event.

“I’m outside, I’m ready to leave and it’s not even late and I’m like ‘okay, where is this car?'” she said before adding, “It was not the first time the car was taken from me.”

Londie added that whenever she was in Johannesburg, Hlubi would take the car away from her. She added that he was tracking her whereabouts.

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Londie London
Reality TV star Londie London, her children and ex-fiancée Hlubi Nkosi. Images via Instagram @londie_london_official

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The He Goes singer also accused Hlubi of being a deadbeat father.

“Emotionally, definitely not. Financially he does whatever he wants to do. No one can tell him that the kids need what. He just sends whatever he want to send. Physically, he’s not there,” the musician said.

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However, Londie said that she’d never take him to court because she feels like there’s no need to do so.

“He has chosen his path… He chose how he wants to deal with the situation so I respect that.”

Londie said that her children when decide when they are older if they want a relationship with their dad or not.