Lorcia Cooper features on an episode of ‘Living the Dream with Somizi’. Images via Instagram @somizi @lorcia1cooper.

‘Did you hit him?’: How Somizi responded to Lorcia’s burning question

Here’s how Somizi Mhlongo responded to Lorcia Cooper asking if he ever hit Mohale on an episode of ‘LTDWS.’


Lorcia Cooper features on an episode of ‘Living the Dream with Somizi’. Images via Instagram @somizi @lorcia1cooper.

Media personality Somizi Mhlongo was asked a burning question – “did you hit him?” by his friend, actress Lorcia Cooper – in the first episode of the fifth season of his reality show which aired on Showmax on Wednesday 4 May. 


Somizi Mhlongo got straight into the abuse allegations and leaked audio clips on the first episode of season five of Living the Dream with Somizi. The pair announced their divorce in August 2021 after Sunday World leaked audio clips of Mohale’s “confessions.”

The media personality made bombshell revelations such his sex life with Mohale “wasn’t great” and he there were times where he wasn’t sleeping at their home. 

The other bombshell was Somizi’s friend, actress Lorcia Cooper directly asking Somizi if he hit Mohale, which can be seen in the trailer of the series.

“Did you hit him?” asked Lorcia.

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Lorcia brought up the allegations by asking how much of it was fabricated and the media personality said it took two to tango.

“How much of that was fabricated?” asks Lorcia about the allegations made against Somizi. 

“All I can say is it takes two to tango. For me, his biggest issue is that if I’m going to wake up today and say I am innocent all the way then it means I have been mastrubating all this time. I have been in this relationship on my own,” he responded. 

“He lost me when, oh he had no part in anything,” he continued. 

“So, did you hit him?” asked Lorcia. 

Somizi did not immediately respond but Lorcia continued by saying it is so hard to have this conversation with someone you love. 

“It is, but also for me, it is also not even about did I hit him or did I not hit him? People look at the reaction and what caused the reaction,” he said. 

So, the Idols SA judge did not directly answer Lorcia’s burning question.

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