Vusi Nova takes nude snaps of Somizi. Images via Instagram @vusinova1.

Somizi Mhlongo: ‘I wish I could date Vusi Nova’ [watch]

Somizi Mhlongo says he wishes he could date Vusi Nova and addresses a ‘raunchy’ video the singer shared on Instagram.


Vusi Nova takes nude snaps of Somizi. Images via Instagram @vusinova1.

South African media personality Somizi Mhlongo said he wishes he could date his “bestie”, singer Vusi Nova on an episode of Living the Dream with Somizi which aired on Showmax on 18 May.


The last episode of Living the Dream with Somizi covered the media personality’s birthday. He was gifted flowers from his “bestie” Vusi Nova and said that he wishes he could date him because he spoils him. 

Somizi is giving away free hugs! Image via Instagram @vusinova01

“I wish we could like date. He bought me a sword and a huge bouquet of flowers and took me to the spa. (That was the) first year, 2005. Now, he’s taking me to a spa again for a drip. I’m not shocked and I know he’s going to bring me a gift. And the first of the gifts, that is Vusi for you,” he said. 

“He is the most generous, the sweetest… friend,” he continues.

Somizi goes on to plan hs 49th birthday on the episode which appears to be shown in the next episode. Showmax shared a teaser of what viewers can expect from episode four of the series. Take a look…

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Somizi also addressed the video that Vusi posted of him on his birthday. He said that it was a “raunchy” video but Vusi did not agree.

“You like provoking people. Why did you post that video?” he asked.

“That won’t stop me from posting. It is my friend’s birthday. So, I posted a birthday wish. And now people are like ‘yes, we knew it. You two are dating’,” replied Vusi.

“But that video is raunchy,” continued Somizi.

So, which is the video in question? Here’s a quick look…

“If his birthday was 2 days later we would have been trouble. He would be demanding us to call him J*sus. We dodged a bullet there.???? happy birthday @somizi,” read the caption of the post. 

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