Tweeps weigh in on the beef between Kelly Khumalo and ‘baby daddy’ Jub Jub. Images via Instagram @kellykhumaloza @official_jubjub.

‘They resent each other to death’: Tweeps on Kelly and Jub Jub

Twitter users feel as though Kelly Khumalo and Jub Jub love their son Christian but hate and resent each other.


Tweeps weigh in on the beef between Kelly Khumalo and ‘baby daddy’ Jub Jub. Images via Instagram @kellykhumaloza @official_jubjub.

Twitter users have weighed in on the drama between South African singer Kelly Khumalo and her “baby daddy” TV host Jub Jub – after the latest episode of her Showmax reality show aired on Tuesday 12 July. 


Kelly Khumalo and Jub Jub have a 12-year-old son named Christian together. The pair’s relationship went sour but the singer previously expressed her frustration at trying to get Christian to have his father and father’s family in his life. 

That was until Jub Jub played an audio clip of himself begging to see his child during his controversial with MacG.

“Please, I need my boy. The boy needs his father and please can we meet at your soonest convenience… and we can address the issue of the boy and any other issue that you wish to address. I want to put our differences aside for the sake of the boy,” he said in the clip.

Jub Jub also claimed that Kelly used muti on him.

Kelly addressed the episode on the latest episode of her reality show. She claimed that Jub Jub hasn’t actually made an effort to be a part of Christian’s life.

“I’ve been tried, I mean podcasts. You know certain things that are meant to prove me as a monster that never wants to allow her son to have a father,” she said.

“But how do you allow someone who’s never made an effort?” she continued.

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So, Twitter users have weighed in and they feel as though the pair love their child but hate each other. Take a look…

“@KellyKhumaloZA and @official_jubjub have deep unresolved issues that they both ventilate using Christian. You can tell that they both love the kid but resent each other to death. Therein lies the problem,” tweeted @Jabulee4.

Others thought having controversial parents is hard for a child.

“It’s hard having parents like Jub Jub & Kelly Khumalo…imagine their son has a father who got arrested for killing children under the influence of drugs, as soon he comes out. The mother will be charger for the murder of his step father,” tweeted @Owami_Dlamini.

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