Lerato Kganyago & Musa Khawula

Lerato Kganyago hs slammed Musa Khawula. Image via Twitter @musakhawula @leratokganyago/Instagram

‘You’ll tweet in heaven’: Musa posts ‘threat’ of Lerato’s ‘criminal boyfriend’

Musa Khawula claims he has been getting death threats from Lerato Kganyago’s ‘criminal boyfriend’ following their ‘Bonang lite’ spat.

Lerato Kganyago & Musa Khawula

Lerato Kganyago hs slammed Musa Khawula. Image via Twitter @musakhawula @leratokganyago/Instagram

The feud between controversial social media commentator Musa Khawula and media personality Lerato Kganyago has intensified.

On Tuesday 5 July, Khawula took to Twitter to post death threats, claiming they were sent to him by Lerato’s “criminal boyfriend”.


At the weekend, the under-fire blogger took to his popular Twitter account to post pics of several celebrities at the Durban July, including one of Lerato Kganyago. But instead of mentioning her by name, the blogger called the media personality “Bonang lite” – referring to her as a watered-down version of Bonang Matheba, whom Lerato is often compared to.

The Metro FM radio host did not take kindly to the comment and was quick to call Khawula out for it.

In a series of tweets, Lerato hinted that Khawula and an unknown celebrity had been conspiring to “bully” her on social media over the years. She also called out him out for his scandalous past, which included allegations of robbery and drug trafficking.

“Criticize but don’t disrespect me @MusaKhawula. Many years ago I let you slide with your bullying and you KNOW who had sent you. You’ve got criminal charges from 2013, of drug trafficking, and robbery, you’ve BEEN convicted.

“Your two ID numbers won’t hide who you are! Tweeting VILE things about people from your grandmother’s back room, KZN isn’t as big as you think. You and your celeb friend tried to make my life uncomfortable, and I told you I will get you!  @MusaKhawula  I’M NOT THE ONE!

“I will unravel you and every journalist that’s feeding you information about people. I bother no one, make your point don’t disrespect me”.

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While fans thought the fight between the two had subsided, and maybe even come to an end, Khawula took to Twitter on Tuesday to post text messages he claims are from Lerato’s partner whom he refers to as a “criminal”.

Lerato is married to Thami Ndlala, but Khawula did not make it clear whether he was referring to the businessman in his tweets.

According to the blogger, Lerato has been threatening him since 2013. He further claimed that the businesswoman sent her brothers to threaten him in the same year.

In addition, Khawula posted screenshots of text messages he claims are from Lerato’s “criminal boyfriend”.

“Since you know longer answering your phone am only giving you 12 hours to make a decision on what we spoke about, it’s either you stop what you are doing or you will tweet in heaven. It’s a promise,” the message reads.

Musa also shared a screenshot of a video clip allegedly sent by Lerato’s “criminal boyfriend” and the message reads: “Do you recognise this place?”.

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