Lerato Kganyago

Lerato Kganyago broke down on IG Live when she narrated some of the heartaches Musa Khawula put her through over the years. Image via @leratokganyago/Instagram

‘For years he’s made my life hell’: Lerato breaks down on IG Live [watch]

Lerato Kganyago was heard crying on Instagram Live as she narrated some of the pain she allegedly endured because of Musa Khawula.

Lerato Kganyago

Lerato Kganyago broke down on IG Live when she narrated some of the heartaches Musa Khawula put her through over the years. Image via @leratokganyago/Instagram

Lerato Kganyago is bearing all and exposing Musa Khawula after vowing to ensure he gets locked up “again.”

On Tuesday 5 July, the Metro FM presenter and club DJ took to Instagram Live to expose Musa some more. In the video, which only has audio as Lerato was in the dark, she is heard crying as she explains the heartache the controversial blogger has put her through over the years.


Lerato and Musa are currently at loggerheads due to years of bullying the media personality says she has suffered because of the blogger.

Taking to her Instagram, a very emotional Lerato could be heard crying as she spoke about all the pain she says she has endured because of Musa.

During her IG Live, Lerato said that the social media commentator started tormenting her shortly after she left Soweto TV and started working at the SABC. At the weekend, Musa pitted her against Bonang Matheba when he made comments about her dress at the Durban July, calling her “Bonang lite”.

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“The battle I’m fighting now is a battle that I’ve fought for many years. I fought because I was a young girl from Soweto TV who really wanted to work, and that made a couple of people uncomfortable so they made my life uncomfortable.

“For many years Musa Khawula made my life hell, him and his celeb friend. And I just need the strength to mention the friend, and I wasn’t the only one that they did this to,” Lerato said on IG.

She went on to reveal that she got introduced to anti-depressants and anxiety pills because of the blogger. Lerato, who described Musa as “vile” and “unstable”, said that none of the drama would have happened if the blogger had cleanly and respectfully done his gossip.

Further explaining, Lerato said that she had let the feud go because she thought that Musa had grown.

Later in the video, Lerato claimed that the celebrity friend whose name she did not mention, hosted a dinner with fellow celebs to bash and discuss her. During the dinner, which aired on Vuzu, Boity was the only one who defended her which is why she says respects the rapper so much.

Watch Lerato’s IG Live in the YouTube video below:


Lerato and Musa’s feud has resulted in many allegations and claims. On Tuesday, Lerato exposed files of what she claims are charges against Musa.

According to Lerato, the document proves that Musa (although his name does not appear on any of the pages) was arrested for theft in 2008 and found guilty in 2009. Other offences include housebreaking and having an unlicensed firearm.

“Start talking about the fact that you are a convicted felon, you still continue to have warrants of arrest? I TOLD YOU the pain that you and your celeb friend caused me you WILL pay for it! The people you trying to please here won’t save you. @MusaKhawula.”

She also claimed that Musa was behind one of her miscarriages.

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