Lalela Mswane makes Miss Universe Top 3

Lalela Mswane makes Miss Universe Top 3
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‘Against all odds’: Praise after Lalela makes Miss Universe Top 3 [video]

‘If against all odds was a person’: Lalela Mswane has been praised after placing in the Top 3 at the Miss Universe pageant on Sunday…

Lalela Mswane makes Miss Universe Top 3

Lalela Mswane makes Miss Universe Top 3
Image via Facebook

Miss South Africa Lalela Mswane has placed in the Top 3 at the Miss Universe pageant and has received praise far and wide for her “bravery”.

Despite the backlash faced for travelling to Israel to participate in the pageant, the 24-year-old LLB graduate defied odds against her by placing second runner-up at the competition.

Lalela was ridiculed by fellow South Africans, human rights and Pro-Palestine activists and even government officials for her decision to continue her journey to the Miss Universe crown.

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During her final address, Lalela was asked what advice she would give to women on how to deal with pressure.

Lalela responded: “I would implore young women today to choose courage over comfort every opportunity they get. I’d also like young women to know that since the beginning of time, they’ve had everything within them to achieve what they wanted. It was unfortunately the world that convinced us that we do not”.

Lalela Mswane

Lalela was also questioned on her thoughts of if social media comments from the past should be held against an individual.

The professional ballerina admitted that whilst she believed in “cancel culture”, she also thought that “redemption culture” should equally be important.

“I believe that everybody should be held accountable for their actions. If a person does not know how to act on social media, they should be cancelled. I believe in cancel culture but in the same breath I also believe in redemption culture. I’m hoping that the person has matured and knows better and does better”.

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Lalela Mswane was inundated with praise from fans from around the world who commended her for her “courage”.

“She was the most courageous women on that stage. We are so proud of her for following her dream”

“Against all odds you did the best you could. So proud of you”

“This woman has been bullied a lot for pursuing her dream. I’m glad she didn’t give up on her dream honestly”

“For someone who was under immense amount of pressure, Lalela did a stellar job making it to Top 3 on the Miss Universe stage and no one can take that away from her”

“Lalela has made it to the Top 5; without the support of her own government, after key sponsors and designers pulled out, countless organizations calling for her boycott and literally a quarter of the country debating her participation!”