Jojo Robinson says she was nervous to meet LaConco. Image via Instagram @mrs.jojo.robinson.

‘I was nervous to meet LaConco’: Jojo Robinson on joining #RHOD cast

Jojo Robinson says she was nervous to meet former President Jacob Zuma’s ‘baby mama’ LaConco when she joined ‘RHOD’.


Jojo Robinson says she was nervous to meet LaConco. Image via Instagram @mrs.jojo.robinson.

New Real Housewives of Durban (RHOD) star Jojo Robinson said she was nervous to meet Jacob Zuma’s ex-fiancée Nonkanyiso “LaConco” Conco.


RHOD marks Jojo Robinson’s reality television debut. She is the wife of former SA kick-boxing champion Calven Robinson. After the premiere of the second season of RHOD on Friday 28 January, Jojo admits that she was nervous to meet LaConco. 

This is because she considered LaConco to be a pure woman and thought she would not like her because of her tattoos. LaConco is the ex-fiancee and “baby mama” of former President president Jacob Zuma.

“Before I came onto the show, I watched season 1 and I was very nervous to meet LaConco. I know she’s a very pure woman and I thought maybe, me being so tattooed, she might not like me, but it was the total opposite,” she said according to Tshisa LIVE.

Jojo thought the tattoos may get in the way of the friendship but she was wrong. She and LaConco got along quite well and built a solid friendship.

“We’ve had such a bond and I get on with her incredibly well. She’s never judged me. She’s so supportive and so loving,” she continued. 

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Jojo’s relationship with LaConco was cool but she and Nonku Williams did not get along that well. The RHOD star says that the issue is resolved but Nonku is a strong personality.

“Nonku and I have had a bit of a run in but we’ve resolved that issue. Well, I feel like it’s resolved. Whether it’s resolved in her head, I don’t know. She’s a strong personality,” she said.

“Sometimes it’s her way or the highway but I understand that because of where she comes from. She’s just very strong and independent. We’ve got past the issue, I hope,” she continued.

Jojo says she hopes viewers see a fun side of her on the show. She also says that she is quick to forgive if someone apologises to her.

“I hope viewers can see the fun side of me. I’m sassy, very sassy, in a good way. I can have a fight with you and carry on, but the next day I will be over it and I’m not going to hold a grudge. I refuse to take sh*t, so if you give me sh*t I will dish it back to you. But if you apologise and it’s done, we can be friends again and we move on,” she added.

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