Kuli Roberts

Kuli Roberts spoke about her last wishes in a ‘Podcast and Chill with MacG’ interview late last year. Image via Twitter @kuliroberts

Kuli Roberts ‘fired as lifestyle editor over ATM ward councillor position’

Kuli Roberts has reportedly been fired as Sunday World lifestyle editor following rumours of being nominated as a ATM ward councillor.

Kuli Roberts

Kuli Roberts spoke about her last wishes in a ‘Podcast and Chill with MacG’ interview late last year. Image via Twitter @kuliroberts

Media personality and editor Nomakula “Kuli” Roberts has allegedly been dismissed by Sunday World.  

Close sources to the actress have informed Daily Sun that she was reportedly fired with immediate effect by the publication where she worked as a lifestyle editor.  


Sunday World allegedly laid three charges against her and suspended her and also called a disciplinary hearing against her where she was given the opportunity to defend herself.  

Sources revealed that Roberts explained she is a breadwinner and reliant on the income of her editorial position during her hearing.

She also stated that she had a bond to pay and that she’d be homeless if she got dismissed from her job.  

‘Guilty of breaching code of interest’

According to Daily Sun, Roberts was found guilty of breaching the code on independence and conflict of interest.

She was also reportedly found guilty of comprising and bringing the company’s name into disrepute by agreeing to and allowing such a nomination.

The media personality was also allegedly charged for the breakdown of trust arising from her action.  

Roberts however denied allowing herself to be nominated as an African Transformation Movement (ATM) ward councillor during her hearing and accused the party of using her celebrity status to garner public support.   


The media personality surprised Mzansi when she announced that she had joined ATM and was also running for a ward 65 councillor position in October.  

The ATM’s Mzwanele Manyi confirmed at the time that Roberts had joined their party as a candidate to be a ward councillor…but a few days later, announced on social media that she was dismissed.  

“Due to unforeseen and confidential circumstances, it is no longer possible to have Nomakula Roberts as a member and ward councillor candidate of the African Transformation Movement.”

“Further to the above Ms Nomakula Roberts has to step down both as the member and ward councillor candidate at the ATM.” 

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