Kudzai Mushonga

Kudzai Mushonga was spotted with a new woman. Image via Instagram @k_iam_47

Kudzai Mushonga spotted cruising with new babe in Dubai [photos]

Wealthy businessman Kudzai Mushonga was rumoured to have broken up with Khanyi Mbau. He’s now been seen taking a mystery woman for ice cream

Kudzai Mushonga

Kudzai Mushonga was spotted with a new woman. Image via Instagram @k_iam_47

Following rumours claiming that South Africa’s Queen of Bling Khanyi Mbau and her Zimbabwean boyfriend Kudzai Terreance Mushonga aka Ndenge Boy have split once again, during an Instagram Live video on Thursday evening, 26 May, Mushonga was seen cruising with another woman in his luxurious Rolls Royce.


During his Instagram Live, Kudzai had been teasing his online followers explaining to them that he was planning on throwing a huge party. He said he wanted to only invite the most important crowd and have everyone come dressed to the nines. The wealthy businessman said all his guests would be staying at only the best hotels and will be chauffeured in luxury vehicles that would pick them up straight from the airport.

Mushonga has recently made headlines after he announced that he had been living it up at Atlantis The Royal Hotel. He boasted that he had spent over R230 000 to check himself in at the high-end luxury hotel. Earlier this week, he also topped Twitter trends after he was linked to an Arab stewardess Vanja Vićentijević. Whilst the licensed stewardess took to her Instagram Stories to thank her new followers for the several new friend requests she got after trending as the new girl on Mushonga’s arm, Mushonga on the other hand dragged his feet before clearing the rumours that he was not involved with her.

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However, during his Instagram Live on Thursday evening, he captioned,

“The Blogs Got The Wrong Girl But I’LL Take Two.

He was seen driving around with an unknown woman and having the time of his life showing glimpses of the mystery woman to the viewers. The unknown woman can be heard telling Mushonga to take her to get some ice cream right before the Instagram Live video came to an end. Mushonga’s online followers took their curiosity to the comment section before the video ended and asked about Mbau’s whereabouts.

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Kudzai Mushonga
Kudzai Mushonga took a new mystery woman for ice cream Image via Instagram Live (screenshot) @k_iam_47


Mbau has not confirmed nor denied having split from Mushonga. However, on her Instagram wall, she has deleted almost all pictures of her and Mushonga of which that’s where the rumours of them breaking up stemmed from. Instead, she has been too busy minding her business with the recent premiere of season two of Young, Famous & African. According to The Citizen, the reality TV star has received a lot of backlash since the show aired on Friday, 19 May. She’s reportedly unhappy with the show’s editors and was quoted as saying,

“It was very hard, painful watch for me. It triggered me so much… I was watching the show with one eye open. It was painful, I saw the bad state I was in, and I struggled with my speech most of the time and zoned out 90% of the time. The show is so dramatic OMG! How did I live through this? 

“The editors are messy and very spicy…, reality tv neh. Sadly, the editor made me the villain AGAIN! 👀editing out pivotal moments that give clarity, and deleting real scenes that shared the visuals of my real world, eg, our children.

Meanwhile, on her Instagram Stories, Mbau has been seen paying tribute to one of her close friends who has recently passed away.

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