Rasta Killer Kau tribute

Image via Twitter: @RastaArtist

‘This is perfect’: Rasta pays a decent tribute to amapiano star Killer Kau

With so many celebs sadly passing away, it seems Rasta is getting all the practise he needs. He just painted the late Killer Kau and SA actually like it.

Rasta Killer Kau tribute

Image via Twitter: @RastaArtist

·Many South African music lovers were left in shock as the news of amapiano musicians Killer Kau and Mpura’s death swept across the country. The young stars died on the 7 August on their way to perform at a Rustenburg gig while on the N4 in Marikana. Local artist Rasta The Artist is the latest to honour one of the musicians Killer Kau, with a pretty decent portrait.

Killer Kau: Mzansi mourns a big loss

On 7 August this year, South Africans heard how six young musicians, Killer Kau, Mpura, Thando Tot, Khanya “The Voice” and TD lost their lives in a car accident. Since hearing the news, many celebrities and fans of the musicians have shared heartfelt tributes to the deceased,

Ricky Rick shared this heartwarming tribute:

“Becoming a legend at a young age is hard but @killerkau_rsa carried the weight on his shoulders.He never stopped. Never changed. Loved by all of us. Just this Friday, we planned to shoot something together with @mpura_mpura, my heart is broken boy. I’m sorry my dawg. Love you so much. Rest Easy king. We won’t forget you. May their souls rest in peace,” read an Instagram post.

While Lady Du also headed to the app where she started a live video to express how devastated she is by the passing of her “brother” Mpura.

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Rasta also pays tribute

Rasta The Artist, one of the country’s most controversial artists, is seemingly the latest prominent South African figure to pay tribute to Killer Kau with one of his famous paintings. Surprisingly enough, this painting, unlike many of his others, received a number of positive comments.

While a few people did not see it, others thought that the artist improved quite a bit. Read some of their comments below:

@khomotsojm said:

“This is perfect Rastafarian that is okay!”

@MrXavierF said:

“Same same. Well done @RastaArtist”

Previously Rasta honoured Tatjana Shoenmaker and Shona Ferguson with paintings and unfortunately for him it wasn’t very well received by locals who struggled to spot the resemblance.

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