Khanyi Mbau

Photo: Instagram/khanyi-mbau

Missing in Dubai: Boyfriend in frantic search for Khanyi Mbau

Khanyi Mbau has allegedly gone missing in Dubai. The reality TV star’s boyfriend shared some alarming posts about her disappearance online and Mzansi is super concerned…

Khanyi Mbau

Photo: Instagram/khanyi-mbau

South Africans have been left buzzing after Khanyi Mbau’s boyfriend took to Instagram in the morning hours to say that she is missing. In various IG stories, the Zimbabwean-born millionaire Terrence Kudzai Mushonga claimed that he dropped Khanyi off at a salon in Dubai and didn’t hear from her since.

This has left South Africans concerned about her well-being as many of them wonder if something more sinister is going on.

Khanyi Mbau: Missing in Dubai

South African socialite and reality TV star Khanyi Mbau has been gracing her fans and supporters with snaps of herself and her man living their best lives in Dubai over the last few weeks.

Things have seemingly taken a strange and concerning turn after Mushonga took to his Instagram page in the early hours of 31 August to share that Khanyi is missing. Mushonga alleges that he took Khanyi to a salon near where they are staying and she hasn’t returned to the hotel.

In his IG stories, Mushonga pleads with Khanyi to return while saying how heartbroken and hurt he is. He also goes on to say how he has never cheated on Khanyi and doesn’t know why she decided to disappear.

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“I have not cheated on you since the day I met you. I have taken care of you since day one. Why do I get treated like this? You have not seen anything on my phone because when it comes to you I am an honest man.”

His next few stories show he is driving around Dubai searching for the “missing” socialite who appears to have disappeared because of what appears to be alleged infidelity.

Mzansi is both worried and unconvinced

While some locals have chosen to bash Khanyi for leaving her man high and dry after he took her on an all-expenses-paid trip to Dubai, others have voiced their concern.

Many tweets have been dedicated to questioning whether or not Mushonga may have hurt her and is now trying to cover his tracks.

Read some of their tweets below:

@YoliPeba said:

“The way Khanyi Mbau’s man is posting, it’s scary and uncomfortable. Especially knowing that a man can make himself look like a victim to the public. I just hope Khanyi is safe.”

@CrazeeFistaz said:

“Something off about this Khanyi thing. I hope my good sis is safe because this man is giving psycho energy.”

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