‘Life with Kelly Khumalo’ has drawn to an end. Images via photo flickr and Instagram @kellykhumaloza @official_jubjub.

‘I don’t have time for rubbish’: Kelly reacting to Senzo or Jub Jub drama?

Kelly Khumalo said that she has ‘no time for rubbish’ after being asked about the drama in her life. Is she referring to Senzo or Jub Jub?


‘Life with Kelly Khumalo’ has drawn to an end. Images via photo flickr and Instagram @kellykhumaloza @official_jubjub.

South African singer Kelly Khumalo expressed how much she hated being asked questions about the drama in her life on the latest episode of her Showmax reality series which aired on Tuesday 12 July.


Kelly Khumalo attended an event on the latest episode of her reality series. She seemed to enjoy the event but she expressed that she hated being questioned about the drama in her life. The Empini hitmaker was asked how she was handling everything and she was not impressed. 

“How are you handling the drama?” asked the journalist.

Kelly expressed that she was annoyed by questions like this and wished journalists could be more creative. She also mentioned that she has been asked the same question for the last eight years.

“You know, can I tell you something about the drama? It’s their drama not mine, it’s projection. They’re hoping that I’ll react to the drama. Too bad for you, I’m not going to. I don’t have time for rubbish,” she said.

“I’m too grown up and I’ve created a very safe and peaceful space for myself, my business, my family, friends and I’m very happy. In fact I’m at my best at this point,” she continued.

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It is unclear whether Kelly was referring to being asked about her “baby daddy” and ex-boyfriend Senzo Meyiwa or her other “baby daddy” TV host Jub Jub. Kelly had been trending on Twitter since the death anniversary of Senzo on 26 October 2014 and through out his murder trial which took place earlier this year and it conintuing at the moment. 

Five hitmen are currently on trial for Senzo’s murder. One of the bombshell allegations in court was from Advocate Malesela Teffo, who was representing four of the five accused at the time. 

Kelly Khumalo opens up about the drama in her life. Images via photo flickr and Instagram @kellykhumaloza @official_jubjub.

He claimed Kelly shot Senzo by mistake that night. The singer also had ongoing drama with Jub Jub who leaked audio clips between them in an interview on Podcast and Chill with MacG. He also posted a Mother’s Day tribute to her on Instagram.

So, who is Kelly referring to? Well it is most likely Senzo because she mentioned “eight years” and it has been eight years since his death.

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