Kaya 959

Kaya 959 station manager Sibongile Mtyali. Image via Twtter. @Mr__Morale__

Kaya 959 station manager Sibongile Mtyali reportedly FIRED

Kaya 959’s manager Sibongile Mtyali allegedly fired after refusing to fire sports presenter Mpho Maboi following Sizwe Dhlomo’s complaint.

Kaya 959

Kaya 959 station manager Sibongile Mtyali. Image via Twtter. @Mr__Morale__

The board of the commercial radio station Kaya 959 has reportedly fired station manager Sibongile Mtyali after she allegedly refused to fire sports presenter Mpho Maboi following her altercation with Kaya Drive presenter Sizwe Dhlomo.  

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The former Metro FM station manager Sibongile Mtyali was allegedly fired by Kaya 959 after Sizwe Dhlomo complained about sports presenter Mpho Maboi allegedly continually arriving late for their show.   

City Press reveals that Mtyali has been accused of favouritism and being a bully by some staff members at the popular Gauteng station.  

Sunday World reports that Mtyali was fired on Friday (25 November) while sources from the station told City Press this week that when Mtyali received Dhlomo’s complaint, she highlighted that it was within Maboi’s rights, as stipulated in her contract, to arrive an hour before the show begins at 3 pm.  

“It’s been a norm that Sizwe arrives at 1 pm, but the contract indicates that presenters of the show are expected to be in the studio at 2 pm, so when Sibongile made him aware of this aspect, he claimed that he could no longer work with her.”  

“Since Sizwe did not get what he wanted, numerous people have anonymously lodged complaints to the board about Mtyali, citing that she is never available to staffers and she does not resolve complaints, basically saying that she is a bad manager. The allegations were investigated and proven to be untrue, but they terminated her contract anyway,” said the source.  

“People at the station are actually scared of him [Sizwe] since it is a known fact that he has very close ties with the board members,” said another source.  

Another source adds that the matter could end up in court as the board refused to pay her for the remaining 19 years of the 20-year contract she signed with the station in 2021.  

“They are pushing her out and only want to pay her for the next three months. It’s surprising that they are pulling out all the stops to force her to leave. She is saying that the station should pay her for the remainder of the contract since she has not broken any company policy.”  

The mole added that Mtyali’s mistake was entertaining a complaint laid by a music compiler claiming that Dhlomo used his own music choices on the show.  

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Sizwe Dhlomo told City Press that Sibongile Mtyali’s termination was not solely based on his complaint and adds that his complaint came from Maboi’s refusal to join the routine 12 pm meeting with the team:  

“I took the matter to the board because she [Maboi] bluntly said that she doesn’t have time for our 12 pm team meeting and nothing was done because she was hired by [Mtyali]. There have been a lot of complaints about her management style. I am just the only one brave enough to report it.”  

Dhlomo confirmed he plays his own music on Kaya Drive and rejected allegations that people were scared of him because of his ties to the board.  

Mtyali’s exit comes a year after former Idols SA judge Unathi Nkayi’s departure, who was allegedly fired from Kaya following a heated argument with radio host Sizwe Dhlomo.  

Listeners of the station have confirmed that sports personality Mpho Maboi has moved to the breakfast team with Dino Ranaka and Sol Phenduka. Mtyali was not available for a comment at the time of publishing this article.   

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