Katlego Maboe and Monique Muller

Former lovers Monique Muller and Katlego Maboe
Image via Instagram

‘YOUR perspective’: Katlego Maboe’s ‘friend’ slammed over tweets

Friends like theirs: Katlego Maboe and Monique Muller’s relationship has been thrust into the spotlight again by friends of the former couple.

Katlego Maboe and Monique Muller

Former lovers Monique Muller and Katlego Maboe
Image via Instagram

The “friend” who defended Katlego Maboe in a lengthy Twitter thread has been publicly slammed by a friend of the media personality’s ex-girlfriend Monique Muller,over allegations he made about their highly publicised relationship and split.

On Tuesday 2 November, a tweep using the handle @MximYesess and known by his first name “Volo”, posted a series of tweets from his personal account of what he believed transpired between Katlego and Monique.

The tweep claims to be a former colleague and close friend of the star.


In the thread, the tweep – who posted pics with Katlego from over the years on his Instagram account – made a number of bombshell allegations, including alleging that the former Expresso presenter was on the receiving end of an abusive relationship with his ex, and not vice versa.

Katlego and Monique have been embroiled in a messy dispute after a video of the TV personality confessing to cheating on Monique – whom he shares son Phoenix with – went viral last year. Monique further accused Katlego of domestic abuse and giving her a STI, and filed a protection order against him.

The presenter is currently in the process of suing Monique, her brother Seth Muller and two other parties for R1 million each, alleging they “ruined” his career. He is also demanding that all parties apologise and retract their allegations.

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Volo’s tweets caught the attention of a friend of Monique Muller’s – Caldine Wyngaard – who lashed out at his version of events.

Caldine participated on season nine of reality show Tropika Island of Treasure Curacao, which starred Katlego Maboe as the host. She also volunteers at NGO The Justice Desk alongside Monique Muller, with the pair of pals featuring regularly on each other’s social media accounts.

Caldine responded to the thread, claiming Volo was ill-informed.

By tweeting: “You are right. This is all the truth from your perspective. YOU had not been in Kat’s home for more than 2 years. You hadn’t been around them with their child & you certainly had not been around when the police came to remove him from their house because of domestic violence”.

Volo hit back, claiming the domestic abuse allegations were “completely baseless. Zero evidence”.

He added: “Caldine, why are you doing this? After everything Kat did for YOU? This campaign that you guys have been on for the past year is f***ing done. Enough is enough!”

Caldine – who also works for Kfm – retorted: “what did Kat do for me? Please man tell me? In the years that we were friends you were there once Volo! For a birthday party, good-time friend. Kat might have done wonders for you but not me and I will not be silenced when someone is an abuser. You DONT KNOW WHAT HAPPENED!”.


Caldine also claimed that Monique was gagged from revealing what happened between her and Katlego.

She added: “Monique isn’t even allowed to say anything because your chort gagged her. She can’t even tell her story. Continued abuse. But you can write entire threads about what you THINK you know. Again stop”.

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