Katlego Maboe demands money from Monique Muller

Katlego Maboe demands money from Monique Muller and others in legal action
Image via Instagram

Katlego Maboe’s ex slams ‘bullying tactics’ after he demands R4 million

Katlego Maboe’s ex Monique Muller has hit back at his R4 million demand over claims he suffered ‘psychological damage’…

Katlego Maboe demands money from Monique Muller

Katlego Maboe demands money from Monique Muller and others in legal action
Image via Instagram

Monique Muller, the estranged wife of TV personality Katlego Maboe, has come out guns blazing in the wake of his threat to take legal action…

On Friday, the former Expresso presenter’s representatives announced that he was demanding a total of R4 million from four people over claims he suffered psychological damage and a loss of income stemming from his public cheating scandal in late 2020.

Katlego Maboe: R4 million in three weeks, please

Katlego is demanding R1 million each from Monique, her brother Seth Muller, the founder of the Women For Change movement Sabrina Walters and chairperson of the South African Film & TV Awards (Saftas) Janet van Eerden.

The former Outsurance ambassador is also demanding the payment be made in three weeks, failing which he will proceed with legal action against them.



Monique Muller – who shares three-year-old son Phoenix with Katlego Maboe – took to social media to vent about the news.

The women’s rights activist accused her ex of being a “bully” who was “obsessed” with power and fame.

“The obsession with power and control are becoming ever so prevalent. The bullying tactics are actually quite sickening and sad,” she wrote in an Instagram Story.

Monique also clapped back at Katlego’s decision to demand money from the Women For Change movement.

“It’s the irony for me. You take on an organisation that is fighting against gender-based violence while you are trying to say you are not an abuser”.

Monique Muller referenced ex Katlego Maboe’s legal demand last week in her Instagram Stories.

The mom of one also posted a defiant video showing her work with the organisation whilst Andra Day’s song Rise Up plays in the background.

Following a clip of Katlego admitting to infidelity last year, Monique’s brother Seth also accused Katlego of domestic abuse, claiming the star also cheated on his wife whilst she was pregnant.

Monique later applied for a protection order against Katlego, who denied allegations of abuse.


In May this year, Katlego Maboe was removed from SAFTA’s ‘Best TV Presenter’ category following a deliberation by their jury. The news angered many South African tweeps who claimed that the star had “suffered enough”.

Following his legal demand last week, two strong sides have emerged, those who support Katlego Maboe, and those that dont.

“He should ask for more. At least 10 million. Katlego Maboe suffered and must be paid in full”, posted one tweep.

Another added: “Katlego Maboe didn’t deserve to get canceled like that. Cheating is a personal matter.”.


Then there were some who were “disgusted” by the TV star.

“Disgusting @KatlegoMaboe_ needs to stop blaming everyone else for his actions, typical male behavior in SA. We have had enough of the BS. He could have went and gotten a normal job or is that below him”, posted another tweep.