katlego maboe, monique muller

Katlego Maboe has seemingly responded to his baby mama Monique Muller.
Images via Twitter:
@katlegomaboe/ @moniquemuller

Katlego Maboe claps back at baby mama’s angry outburst?

Katlego Maboe has seemingly responded to baby mama Monique Muller, who made a series of shocking allegations about him online…

katlego maboe, monique muller

Katlego Maboe has seemingly responded to his baby mama Monique Muller.
Images via Twitter:
@katlegomaboe/ @moniquemuller

Katlego Maboe has seemingly responded to a series of shocking allegations made by his ex-girlfriend and baby mama, Monique Muller.

The Cape Town woman made headlines on Thursday, 24 August, when she alleged that the Expresso presenter did not want to pay their son’s school fees in full.

She also accused the Deal Or No Deal host of “hiding” his income streams and letting their child “suffer” out of “spite” for her.

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On his Instagram account – which has a quarter of a million followers – Katlego Maboe subtly reacted to the allegations about him.

But instead of lambasting his baby mama, Monique Muller, the TV presenter seemingly shared his state of mind. He posted one word on his IG Stories: “peace.”

He also posted a Bible verse on his Twitter account.

Katlego has not directly addressed the allegations.

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While Katlego Maboe is experiencing “peace” through the online drama, it wasnt always the case.

The presenter made a tearful return to the Expresso show a year ago in a “tell-all” about his time away from the spotlight. This, after his ex Monique accused him of being physically abusive to her following their messy split in 2020. 

katlego maboe, monique muller
Monique Muller has shared several shocking allegations against baby daddy Katlego Maboe. Images via Instagram: @katlegomaboe/ @moniquemullerofficial

Shortly after their breakup, she had been granted a temporary protection order and had filed charges of assault against him.  But that’s not all. During that same time, a video of Katlego confessing to cheating on Monique went viral. Filmed by Monique herself, the clip also saw the star being accused of giving his girlfriend an STI.

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As a result of the public scrutiny, Katlego was given a leave of absence by his SABC 3 employer, Expresso. He was also sacked as the face of Outsurance.

Katlego then sued Monique, her brother Seth Muller, and two other parties for R1 million each, alleging they “ruined” his career. He also demanded that all parties apologise and retract their allegations.

In 2022, Monique’s lawsuit was “set aside” by mutual agreement. According to the brunette, this was because she could no longer afford the legal fees.

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Monique has since added that she has been “silent for three years” and has not shared her side of the story.