katlego maboe, monique muller

Monique Muller has shared several shocking allegations against baby daddy Katlego Maboe.
Images via Instagram:
@katlegomaboe/ @moniquemullerofficial

‘I’ve got receipts’: 6 Shocking claims by Katlego Maboe’s baby mama

‘Ok to let your kid suffer’: Katlego Maboe’s baby mama Monique Muller has dropped several bombshells about his alleged parenting.

katlego maboe, monique muller

Monique Muller has shared several shocking allegations against baby daddy Katlego Maboe.
Images via Instagram:
@katlegomaboe/ @moniquemullerofficial

Katlego Maboe has been dragged over the coals by his baby mama, Monique Muller, who accused him of “financial abuse” following their 2020 split.

The Cape Town woman made headlines on Thursday, 24 August, when she alleged that the Expresso presenter did not want to pay their son’s school fees in full.

She also accused the Deal Or No Deal host of “hiding” his income streams and letting their child “suffer” out of “spite” for her.

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In 2020, Monique was granted a protection order against Katlego after she accused him of domestic abuse. Katlego was also accused of being unfaithful and allegedly giving her an STI.

In February 2022, the lawsuit was “set aside” by mutual agreement.


In a series of Instagram Stories, Monique Muller made several shocking allegations about her celebrity ex.

They included the following claims:

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“Lying” in court to “hide” his multiple income streams

Monique claimed that Katlego has many income streams despite him stating in court documents that he would be “unemployed from August.”

“I’ve got receipts,” she added.

katlego maboe, monique muller
Katlego Maboe was put on blast by his baby mama Monique Muller. Images via Instagram: @katlegomaboe/ @moniquemullerofficial

Living a lavish lifestyle while his child “suffers”

She posted: “How can your expenses range 150k and not even a third of that goes to your child? You rock the latest brands, but shop at Pep for your child and not even clothing that currently fits him. Are you not embarrassed as a parent?”

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Pays half of private school fees

Monique claims Katlego does not want his son to go to a government school despite her financial constraints.

Does not purchase clothing for son

She posted: “He has no shame to send his son to the school with pants that don’t even fit.”

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Did not help when asked to provide food and basic needs for son

Monique claimed that during a rough patch, she asked Katlego to “send food or even buy electricity” to help their son.

She posted: “He did nothing. He just posts Bible quotes.”

Katlego Maboe's fans have resorted to bashing Monique over the school fee allegations. Images via Twitter: @BonganiStevenD/@philmphela
Images via Twitter: @BonganiStevenD/@philmphela

He has not listed his son as a beneficiary in any of his policies.

She posted: “Here you are flourishing, but you are letting your kid suffer to spite me. It’s pathetic”

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The South African contacted Katlego for comment. None was received at the time of publishing.


Monique Muller also set the record straight on previous reports that Katlego Maboe had been acquitted of domestic abuse charges. Instead, the lawsuit had been “set aside” as she could allegedly no longer afford to continue to pay legal fees.

She said: “I have been suffering in silence for three years, but there is only so much one can take. One thing I will not do is let my child suffer.

“I am still protecting this man, because no one has heard my truth yet”.