Katlego Maboe

Image of Katlego Maboe. Image via Instagram @katlegomaboe

‘I think he may be…’: THAT Katlego Maboe dance clip [watch]

Wrong move? In a now-viral clip, Katlego Maboe gets down on the ‘dance floor’. What Tweeps had to say, might come as a mild surprise…

Katlego Maboe

Image of Katlego Maboe. Image via Instagram @katlegomaboe

Oh dear…In a clip posted on his TikTok account, Katlego Maboe can be seen busting some dance moves to the DJ Fallen remix of Destiny Child’s Brown Eyes. Celebrity and entertainment blogger Musa Khawula retweeted the clip on Monday 22 August, prompting tweeps to weigh in on the Expresso Morning Show presenter’s…wait for it…sexuality.

Bet Katlego — or Kat as his fans fondly call him — did NOT see this one coming!

Katlego Maboe: Court battle and ‘Expresso’

Katlego Maboe shared a clip of his emotional return to the ‘Expresso Morning Show’ on 8 August. Image via Instagram @katlegomaboe

Katlego — who emerged from a bitter two-year legal battle stemming from abuse allegations by his ex-girlfriend Monique Muller — has been back in the saddle as SABC3’s Expresso host since 8 August.

In 2020, he was axed from Expresso with Outsurance also distancing themselves from their then-brand ambassador.

The court ruled in favour of the TV personality and singer-songwriter in February this year, finding there were “no grounds” for the allegations.

On his Expresso return, he broke down in an emotional tell-all interview with co-presenter Graeme Richards, chronicling the hardships he has had to endure.

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THAT Katlego Maboe dance clip

After all he has been through, one feels like saying: Give that man a BREAK! But nooooo…

The presenter’s “dance video” was reposted by Khawula on his Twitter page on Monday. Since then, the controversial blogger’s timeline has been flooded with mixed reactions.

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Watch: Getting down on the dance floor!


Tweeps tune in

Quite a few tweeps even ventured into questioning the presenter and father-of-one’s sexual orientation judging him by his dance style! Take a look…

@trevortrev100: “He should thank that girl for freeing him. He can now date his preferred gender.”

Another Twitter user, @ShadowRau, tweeted:

“All that’s left now is for him to come out”.

@rih_miraj also sprinkled some fairy dust with a suggestive tweet:

“I think he may be…”

‘Strictly Come Dancing’ and Ivanah the Dancer

Katlego – who can speak Setswana, Afrikaans and English – co-presented Season 8 of SABC3’s celebrity dancing competition show Strictly Come Dancing with Roxy Burger in 2015.

In 2019, Katlego was put through his paces when the then six-year-old dance sensation and social media star from Port Elizabeth, Ivanah Campbell, made a turn in the Expresso studio.

If only he paid more attention to his fleet-footed little dance instructor!