Mbali, Nonku, Rough Diamond

Mbali calls Nonku’s man a jailbird. Images via Instagram: @mbaliyesizwengiba4, @nonku_williams

‘I’m not dating a jailbird’: ‘RHOD’s’ Mbali comes for Nonku’s man

A livid Mbali did not hold back as she labeled Nonku ‘an alcoholic dating a jailbird’ after finding out about her ‘Mabusi vibes’ comment.

Mbali, Nonku, Rough Diamond

Mbali calls Nonku’s man a jailbird. Images via Instagram: @mbaliyesizwengiba4, @nonku_williams

Singer and actress Mbali Ngiba showed her angry side for the first time since joining Real Housewives of Durban (RHOD) season three when she attacked fellow cast member Nonku Williams in the ninth episode which aired on Wednesday, 29 March, on Showmax.

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Mbali, who had been missing in action (MIA) for a couple of episodes of the show, had a little catch-up session with Slee Ndlovu at her home in Hillcrest, Durban. While the two were sipping on Nonuku’s A2B wine — which Mbali had brought to Slee’s — she found out that Nonku gossiped about her to the other ladies; saying she gives her “Mabusi vibes”. Mabusi Seme is a former RHOD season one and two friend of the show who was continuously mistreated by Nonku whom she thought was her friend when she joined.

Slee told Mbali that Nonku said this about her before she got to know her, however, she does not know what it means.

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A livid Mbali also wanted to know what it means, although already concluding that the term was not pleasant.

During her diary session, Mbali called Nonku a drunkard. This is due to season two’s storyline which was centred around the mum-of-three’s worrying drinking habits. At the time, the ladies had an intervention for Nonku, which turned very ugly and she also did not appreciate her mother, Niniza “Ma Queen” Ngcobo. talking to her about her drinking problem.

Mbaili told SLee that she thought Nonku was a lovely lady who had been through a lot so her comments about her are very surprising.

“All I can say about Nonku is that she is a traitor and an instigator. She goes to one person and gossips about the other and vice-versa. She can’t settle in one place,” she said angrily.

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She then grabbed Slee’s glass of wine from her hand, took the wine bottle and emptied it in the sink.

“I cannot be supporting b**ches,” she said. “She’s messing with me,” she added.

When Slee asked her about throwing the wine away, she said: “That thing tastes horrible anyway. i was just trying to support her… it also makes me sick in the morning.”

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Nonku Williams engaged
Nonku Williams with Rough Diamond. Image via Instagram@musakhawula


Mbali then proceeded to tell Slee that, unlike Nonku, she sleeps like a baby at night because she is not dating a jailbird.

“I sleep at night because my man is not jailbird and I’m not a jailbird,” she said, also threatening to beat her up.

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Nonku’s partner Dumisani “Rough Diamond” Ndlazi — whom she is allegedly recently engaged to — has been called many names, including a “tinder swindler” by fellow cast memeber Maria. In previous episodes, he revealed to Nonku’s family that he has been convicted before. however, he did not mention what for.

According to a 2014 article by the Zululand Observer, the businessman was accused of raping a 20-year-old woman in Richards Bay. RD or Rough Diamond, who was described as a community leader at the time, was 35 years old.

A since-delete police statement confirmed Ndlazi’s arrest in 2016.

The South African website also contacted the journalist behind the story, who confirmed that the man in question was indeed Ndlazi. She also revealed that after only a few months behind bars, he was released. However, there was no information about the reason for his release.