Lerato & Musa

Lerato Kganyago has responded to Musa’s death threat claims, saying he is the cause of one of her miscarriages. Image via Twitter @musa_khawula @leratokganyago/Instagram

‘I won’t stop… you’re going to jail’: Lerato hits back at Musa Khawula

‘Bloody fool made me lose my child. I am NOT DONE!’: Lerato Kganyago has vowed to ensure Musa Khawula ends up behind bars ‘again’.

Lerato & Musa

Lerato Kganyago has responded to Musa’s death threat claims, saying he is the cause of one of her miscarriages. Image via Twitter @musa_khawula @leratokganyago/Instagram

Lerato Kganyago has responded to allegations by Musa Khawula that her “criminal boyfriend” has been sending him death threats, adding that she sent her brother to threaten him in 2013.

Shortly after the controversial blogger’s tweets on Tuesday 5 July, Lerato replied to his tweets directly, denying the allegations and telling him she will not stop rattling him because she wants to see him behind bars. The media personality also alleged that Musa caused her to lose her baby in 2013.


The Metro FM presenter and club DJ has been breathing fire since Musa Khawula referred to her as “Bonang lite” while giving commentary on her Durban July dress at the weekend.

What followed after those tweets from Musa is a back and forth between him and Lerato. After claiming the celebrity’s “criminal boyfriend” threatened him this week, Lerato hit back.

“Since you know longer answering your phone am only giving you 12 hours to make a decision on what we spoke about, it’s either you stop what you are doing or you will tweet in heaven, it’s a promise,” the alleged message sent to Musa read.

It still isn’t clear if Musa was referring to Lerato’s husband Thami Ndlala as the “criminal boyfriend,” however, the businesswoman took to Twitter to reply to the entertainment commentator, claiming he’s “making all this up.”

“So you sitting there really making all this up because you KNOW the heat from the police is on YOU? Pending cases got you worked up NOW! I’ve rattled you, and won’t STOP! You going to JAIL! You made my life HELL in 2013. You pushed a narrative about me many years ago! NOT TODAY!”


A very angry Lerato continued to tweet about the Musa, revealing that the controversial social media commentator caused her miscarriage.

Responding to a tweep who warned her that should anything happen to the blogger, she and her husband will become suspects, Lerato said:

“You going to believe a druggie and a PIG like him? Tell him what he has done to me over the years. Bloody fool made me lose my child. I am NOT DONE!”

The media star has previously opened up about her miscarriages and her fertility issues. In 2021, she revealed that she had suffered her fourth miscarriage, SowetanLIVE reported. When she lost her baby in 2013, she was engaged to be married to former Orlando Pirates footballer Katlego Mashego.

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In a different turn of events, Lerato shared a case file of all of the crimes Musa has allegedly previously been convicted for.

According to Lerato, the document proves that Musa (although his name does not appear on any of the pages) was arrested for theft in 2008 and found guilty in 2009. Other offences include housebreaking and having an unlicensed firearm.

“Start talking about the fact that you are a convicted felon, you still continue to have warrants of arrest? I TOLD YOU the pain that you and your celeb friend caused me you WILL pay for it! The people you trying to please here won’t save you. @MusaKhawula.”

She continued: “I DONT FEAR YOU! I know you fear the POLICE! You can’t hide forever in Umhlanga rocks. The sources that keep feeding you information about other people, you going down with them. Don’t bother deleting your DM’s @MusaKhawula.”

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When Lerato called Musa out on Saturday 2 July, she alleged that he was working with a celebrity and a journalist to take her down.

Again on Tuesday she alluded to the claims, saying there are people feeding Musa information about her and they pay him for it.

“I’m going to deal with you bit by bit! Those ewallets you keep getting won’t save you. They’ve sent you again because they can’t stand me flourishing. @MusaKhawula I’ve only started young man!

“They couldn’t stomach any newbies in the industry. So they targeted every girl in the industry that did well. I was THEE MAIN one. His obsession with me has been revived. He has wings again, he can flap those wings IN JAIL,” she said.