DJ Karabo has passed away due to abdominal surgery complications. Image via Twitter @Karabo_Ducasse.

RIP DJ Karabo: ‘Miss Ducasse’ died of abdominal surgery complications

The family of DJ Karabo, popularly known as Miss Ducasse released a statement confirming that she died of abdominal surgery complications.


DJ Karabo has passed away due to abdominal surgery complications. Image via Twitter @Karabo_Ducasse.

The family of the late musician Karabo “Miss Ducasse” Mokanyane confirmed that she passed away because of complications related to abdominal surgery via a statement today (30 December).


DJ Karabo topped the Twitter trends list on Wednesday (29 December) after the news of her death broke. Many were unsure of how DJ Karabo passed away but she did open up about  a near-death experience just a few days ago.

Her family has since released a statement revealing that she passed away due to complications related to abdominal surgery.

“Earlier on Wednesday (29 December) our sister Karabo Mokanyane, fondly known by her stage name DJ Ducasse, passed away after complications related to an abdominal surgery,” read the statement. 

“Even as we try to come to terms with this sudden loss, we wish to acknowledge the outpouring of love, support and condolences we have experienced on various platforms. We have also been inundated with personal calls and visits to express sympathy,” continued the statement.

“The past 24 hours have demonstrated the love and respect Karabo enjoyed from her peers and, most importantly, her fan base. For this, we are indebted to the industry that she loved so dearly.” the statement added.

Funeral arrangements for Karabo will be announced later on.

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Business mogul Carol Bouwer and actress Enhle Mbali joined many to post a tribute to the DJ. Take a look…

“Everyone will have bathed in milk, they will be dipped in oil, cloaked in love, glory and pure cotton if not silk. Nothing with you was ever synthetic… I love that about you, but in truth- I failed to find a single thing about you I did not love. Toodles my princess, many hearts bleed for you babysis. My heart is agape,” the post was captioned. 

“All we wanted to do is ukubangena next summer mama. My prayer warrior????. I’ll carry you in my spirit . Chasing summer with every daring chance I get. Fight for what’s right , no matter who I loose in my life. Help always where I can . All in your beautiful spirits name,” wrote Enhle.

“Karabo, boo you answered so many life questions a lessons for me . Self worth a giant of the lessons. It is quite evident heaven could not wait for you , God’s blessed to have you as his child in his eternal home. It’s gonna be one big party in heaven one day,” she continued.