Rapper iFani and media personality Boity Thulo Images via Twitter @iFani_Haymani @Boity

‘Respect yourself’: Tweeps defend Boity after insensitive remarks by iFani

‘This is just sad’. Tweeps and celebs rallied together after iFani insensitively said if he had the chance to ‘hit’ Boity he ‘wouldn’t use a bottle’.


Rapper iFani and media personality Boity Thulo Images via Twitter @iFani_Haymani @Boity

Social media has been abuzz since the news broke about Bujy Bikwa and Boity Thulo’s alleged altercation at the Courtyard Hotel in Midrand last week. Thursday 7 October a disturbing photo of Boity with a blood-stained top, taken after the alleged altercation, hit social media.

While most people were unsettled by the photo, rapper iFani used the opportunity to make an insensitive joke about “hitting” Boity that did not sit well. 

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Most people took to Twitter to react to Boity’s “bloody” photo that surfaced after Bujy allegedly threw a glass at her during an altercation. iFani did not read the room after seeing the photo on social media.

The 35-year-old rapper wrote: “If God gave me a chance to hit Boity. I wouldn’t use a bottle.”



After his tweet, iFani topped Twitter’s trending list with thousands of tweeps and a few celebs reacting to his insensitive tweet, showing their support for Boity. Buns Out owner and Boity’s close friend, Maps Maponyane, did not hold back and called iFani out for his remarks. 

Maponyane wrote: “You’ve genuinely always said it best when you’ve said nothing at all. This is just sad. Respect yourself.”

Actor Siv Ngesi wrote: “Why don’t you come here and I’ll hit you with left and right msunu!”

There were some tweeps who attempted to defend iFani writing that his tweet is being taken out of context.

“I think this is being taken out of context, yeah the timing is off but it clearly is a joke.” 



Bujy Bikwa released two statements on Thursday 7 October addressing the leaked audio clips that hit social media. In the statement that has been removed from social media, the podcast host said he “unintentionally” threw a glass at Boity out of frustration and did not intend to cause physical harm. 

In his second statement he wrote: “I regret that it happened and also accept the occurrence as unacceptable behaviour and I could have handled the situation differently and not have it escalate to the levels it has from either myself or the said complainant. I do not condone any acts of violence by any person, including myself.”

The statements come after Bujy spent the first weekend of October at Johannesburg Correctional Centre where he refused a male cell because male detainees make him “uncomfortable.”

Bujy was charged with assault with intent to cause grievous bodily harm and was granted R2 000 bail at the Midrand Magistrate’s Court on Wednesday 6 October.