Berry Trytsman won ‘Idols SA’ season 17. Image via Instagram @renaultturkiye.

‘Idols SA’ winner Berry Trytsman to settle debt with R1m prize money

Berenike ‘Berry’ Trytsman is spending her ‘Idols SA’ R1 million cash prizes on settling debt and building a future for her family.


Berry Trytsman won ‘Idols SA’ season 17. Image via Instagram @renaultturkiye.

Berenike “Berry” Trytsman walked away with R1 million in cash when she won Idols SA on Sunday 21 November and she is spending the money settling debt. 


Berry Trytsman was crowned the Idols SA season 17 winner on Sunday 21 November at the Urban Brew studios in Randburg, Gauteng. She walked away with R1 million in cash which she is choosing to spend on settling debt.

“[The win] takes me out of a very bad situation with debt. Every South African can agree, we’ve got debts. This win will propel my future with singing and my career. I have never wanted to do anything other than sing and this feels like it is not real,” said Berry to News 24. 

The 31-year-old did not let people’s opinions of her age get in the way of her singing. 

“The comments about my age never bothered me because I was not doing it for people’s approval. I was doing it to try and make a better future for my family. Now that I am here, I know that I have proven something to my kids that they do not ever have to give up,” she continued.

She is married to drummer Reiner Trystmasn and a mother of four.

“I think I still need time to process everything, I’m still in shock and so overwhelmed by messages of love and support ???? But I’m here to give team Berries the love they deserve! Thank you for sticking with me throughout this journey. WE WON!” she wrote on Instagram.

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Berry still has many more prizes to enjoy aside from the cash prize. Here’s what she received. 

  • R85 000 worth of musical equipment from Yamaha
  • A record deal with Kalawa Jazmee Records
  • A Renault Kiger
  • R100 000 in Truworths fashion vouchers
  • R260 000 from Regenesys Business School to pursue a Bachelor of Business Administration degree 
  • A Samsung Galaxy Fold3 on a Vodacom Red 100GB plan.

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