‘Hottest Bald Man’: Vin Diesel

‘Hottest Bald Man’: Vin Diesel dethrones Prince William

Prince William has been dethroned by ‘Fast and Furious’ actor Vin Diesel for the title of Hottest Bald Man of 2022.

‘Hottest Bald Man’: Vin Diesel

The royal heir Prince William has been dethroned by Fast and Furious actor Vin Diesel, who now holds the title of Hottest Bald Man of 2022, according to Reboot Online, an SEO agency based in London. 

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NYPost reports that the American producer and Fast and Furious actor Vin Diesel snatched Hottest Bald Man of 2022 title from Prince William, who’s held it for the last two years. 

“We input a few photos of each celebrity into a computer vision algorithm, which was able to identify prominent features, otherwise known as facial ‘landmarks’,” Reboot said.  

According to Reboot, Diesel came out tops as they took into consideration the golden ratio, a theory which is used to explain what makes someone attractive, based on the proportions of their face, as well as their net worth and height.  

Other factors include public opinion on Twitter such as how often the bald hotties were mentioned as “sexy” on the social platform were also taken into account.  

Another contributing factor was the shiny bald head… every celeb’s head on the list was also a contributing factor.  

Diesel’s  shiny top scored 563,65 candelas per square meter, which equates to his head reflecting light with 70,46% of the luminous intensity of a standard light bulb.  

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Diesel was followed by actor Stanley Tucci in second, and S.W.A.T actor Shemar Moore who took third, followed by rapper Pitbull and Prince William who snatched fifth position.  

Former WWE wrestler and actor Dwayne Johnson took ninth position while Mike Tyson took tenth position.  

“If there’s one thing Dwayne doesn’t have to worry about, it’s his height – he’s the tallest celebrity in the top 10, at 1,96 meters,” said Reboot. 


  • 1. Vin Diesel – 6,46/10 
  • 2. Stanley Tucci – 6,33/10  
  • 3. Shemar Moore – 6,25/10 
  • 4. Pitbull – 6,16/10 
  • 5. Prince William – 6,13/10 
  • 6. Jason Statham – 5,96/10 
  • 7. Bruce Willis – 4,75/10 
  • 8. Joe Rogan – 4,37/10 
  • 9. Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson – 3,62/10 
  • 10. Mike Tyson – 2,50/10 

Floyd Mayweather Jr. came at the eleventh spot with a score of 2.29.

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