Mark Pilgrim

Mark Pilgrim. Image via Instagram @markpilgrimza

Hot 102.7 FM reveals new line-up after Mark Pilgrim’s death 

Commercial radio station Hot 102.7 FM has announced a new line-up a month after broadcaster Mark Pilgrim’s death.

Mark Pilgrim

Mark Pilgrim. Image via Instagram @markpilgrimza

Popular radio station Hot 102.7FM revealed its 2023 line-up a month after Mark Pilgrim passed away from cancer.

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The commercial radio station Hot 102.7 FM announced that the new line-up will take effect from 2 May, after veteran broadcaster Mark Pilgrim’s death. 

Channel24 reports that the station revealed its new lineup in a press statement on Wednesday, 5 April.

Lloyd Madurai, Managing Director of HOT 102.7FM said Parkinson will now host the breakfast show with news and co-presenter Bunny Majaja and Simon Hill, who will also present the sports bulletins.

“Parky and Tony are going to bring something fresh and exciting to their new slots. As the hosts of our two flagship shows, we’ve seen what an impact they’ve already had on our on-air product, and as established professionals with the ability to skilfully adapt to the needs of the audience and time slot in question, we’ve tasked them with once again delivering world-class radio shows.”

“I cannot wait to bring you the most entertaining and interactive morning radio experience in town,” Parkinson said. “The show will be fast-paced and lively, designed to get your heart racing and your mind buzzing with energy for the day ahead. So, set your alarms and join us bright and early from May for Hot 1027 Breakfast!”

Murrell will host the new afternoon drive team with Head of News Tara Penny and Dylan Rogers as the sports presenter.

Radio and TV broadcaster Tony Ndoro will host the Sunday afternoon show between 12:00 and 15:00.

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The late Hot 102.7FM broadcaster Mark Pilgrim hosted the popular 09:00 to 12:00 show Monday to Saturday at the time of his death.

The talented radio and TV presenter passed away on Sunday, 5 March, in the presence of his fiancée, Adrienne Watkins after battling stage four lung cancer. 

According to News24, his managing director at HOT 102.7FM, Lloyd Madurai revealed that he was initially given three months to live when he was diagnosed with the deadly illness last year. However, Pilgrim fought for much longer.

The DJ’s show, The Mark Pilgrim Show, won Best Weekend Radio Show for a second time at the 2022’s  Radio Awards on 26 November.

Pilgrim hung up his mic in October 2022 to recover from multiple medical procedures that hospitalised him for two months.

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