Tweeps react to Luis Munana being estranged from family. Image via Instagram @luismunana.

‘Heartbreaking’: Tweeps react to Luis being estranged from family

Twitter users have weighed in on ‘YFA’ and ‘Big Brother Africa’ star Luis Munana being estranged from his family.


Tweeps react to Luis Munana being estranged from family. Image via Instagram @luismunana.

Twitter users were “heartbroken” to hear about the reason reality star Luis Munana was excommunicated from his friends and family. He made the big revelation on Young, Famous and African (YFA) – which released on Netflix on Friday 19 May.

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Luis Munana had everyone in shock when he hinted that he wanted to have a baby with Zari Hassan – Diamond Platnumz “baby mama”. In a conversation with Andile Ncube, Luis revealed that a reason why he wants a child is because he has been excommunicated from his friends and family.

He explained that this came after he had sex on Big Brother Africa. 

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“Seven years ago… Big Brother Africa, I was 21, I had sex in the house. I come from an extremely religious background… Upon coming out [of the Big Brother house], I got excommunicated from the congregation,” he said.

“So, basically what that means is I cannot have any contact with anybody that is part of the congregation, including my family and friends that I grew up with,” he said in a confessional.

He expressed that he last heard his parents’ voices last years and misses them dearly.

“These are some of the things that I deal with. So, when I bring up that I want a child right now thing…I have so much of love to give,” he continued.


Luis Munana opens up about being excommunicated. Images via Instagram @luismunana.

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Twitter users thought it was heartbreaking that Luis was estranged from his family. Take a look…

“Luis’ story is so heartbreaking. I hope his family leaves that cult,” wrote @mohohlo_lerato.

“Luis story is everything wrong with religion. How can you alienate someone from their family?? How is that godly? Sounds more like a cult,” wrote @MamiWatALife.

“Luis story made me cry. Like you literally don’t know what anyone’s going through sha until they tell you and you have grown adults bullying the young man who just wants a family. Ugh,” wrote @Nwasomaa.

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