gogo maweni snakes muthi

Sangoma and reality TV star Gogo Maweni with her ‘snake gang’. Image via Twitter @GogoMaweni

Bewitching Gogo Maweni: Muthi for men and a new cobra [watch]

Gogo Maweni went cobra shopping after the slay queen sangoma’s shock claim of bewitching Orlando Pirates player Thabo Rakhale with muthi.

gogo maweni snakes muthi

Sangoma and reality TV star Gogo Maweni with her ‘snake gang’. Image via Twitter @GogoMaweni

Earlier this year, sangoma and reality TV star Makgotso Lee-Anne Makgopo, better known as Gogo Maweni, told Podcast and Chill hosts MacG and Sol Phenduka that her house is “full of snakes” plus the odd owl and some rabbits. On Tuesday 18 October, Maweni — who starred in Mzansi Magic’s Izangoma Zodumo about modern traditional healers in 2019 — shared a video clip of her new pet cobra on Twitter.

A voice in the background of the video — which could very well be that of hubby and businessman, Sabelo Magube — says he loves the fact that the reptile is venomous…

Watch: Gogo Maweni shows off her new pet cobra

The video elicited a mixed bag of Twitter responses, ranging from quirky to fingers pointed at witchcraft.

Twitter user @ChrisExcel102 commented: “How about you start using this witchcraft to end load shedding.”

@bigbabyyykuti commented: “Inorutsa mari here? [Does it vomit money?]”

@wwwandyaya838 said: “Now I believe when they say iinyoka ziyazwana [Snakes understand each other].”

Wealth-giving snakes and ‘ukuthwala’

According to Zalebs, Maweni’s revelation of her then five slithery house mates on Podcast and Chill with MacG (which aired in June this year) was also met with allegations of witchcraft.

The celebrity sangoma, however, did not waste any time to hiss back at those who said she practises witchcraft with her snakes. In African culture, it is believed that snakes are used for witchcraft or ukuthwala (wealth-giving dark magic). 

“I don’t use these animals for anything. I love animals,” she was quoted as saying.

In her interview with MacG, Maweni explained the workings of ukuthwala, making it clear to viewers that other people can never see a bewitching snake, only the owner can.

“If uthwele with something, another person can’t see it (the snake) with their naked eyes. If ngithwele ngenyoka, you cannot see it, but I can see it, because it’s mine.”

The sangoma’s snakes are reportedly also part of her consultation business with an albino python called Escobar being the biggest of the lot.

In December 2020, the slay queen sangoma also had to defend her “pets” after author  Jackie Phamotse claimed in her Instagram Stories that some South African celebrities get their fame and fortune from using “dark magic” involving snakes.

Muthi for men…Gogo Maweni’s shock confession

Celebrity sangoma Gogo Maweni has been trending again… Image via Instagram @dr_maweni

The break-out star of  Izangoma Zodumo has been trending lately for all the wrong reasons.

Thabo Rakhale

The South African reported this week that Gogo Maweni has confessed on the latest episode of Gigi Lamayne’s podcast, Point of View, that she used muthi to end the soccer career of her ex-boyfriend and Orlando Pirates player Thabo Rakhale after he dumped her.

Maweni has three children, one of them with former The Queen actor Sthembiso “SK” Khoza and one of them is apparently American.

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SK Khoza

SK Khoza and Gogo Maweni. Images via Instagram @skcoza and @dr_maweni

In April this year, Maweni topped the Twitter trends list when tweeps started speculating that she orchestrated the wild behaviour of SK Khoza which came to light in several disturbing online videos. The actor lost his role as Shaka in The Queen as a result.

Speaking to TimesLive at the time, Khoza refuted claims that he was on drugs.

“It was [a] moment where I was treated in a bad way and I lost my s**t. No one was hurt, just somebody was sworn at.

Twitter sleuths were quick to dig up an old social media post to back up their claims that she bewitched the actor. Take a look at the post:

“I don’t have baby daddy issues. All issues were settled in my nduma! The outcome was to leave them with nothing…if my kids don’t “eat” no one eats – do the math!”

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Siyabonga Zulu

In the same Podcast and Chill interview, Maweni admitted to MacG that she bewitched her first baby daddy, former Mamelodi Sundowns player Siyabonga Zulu, to “teach him a lesson” following his failure to pay child maintenance among other things.


She stated that in exchange for letting him drive her car, which she later claimed he crashed, she helped him advance in his career.

According to the sangoma, she had to cough up R45 000 for the soccer player’s bill at Icon nightclub while he cheated on her.

“I gotta take credit for that though. I don’t know how to answer you guys…I’m trying to be a good girl,” she started off.

“Honestly, I bewitched him. Well, let’s not say I bewitched him. It’s a thing of ‘you think you know better when I’ve helped you’. When you’re now on that pedestal you think you know. You cannot play for a weak a** team and I’m busy taking care of you. You get a good contract and I get pregnant, we move in together.

“All is well, you don’t have a car at that time, you take mine and crash it and leave it somewhere in Soweto. And you’re busy cheating. Also his family was just toxic, horrible and annoying. But honestly speaking, it was a thing of me saying it’s enough now. I am teaching you something.”

No “baby daddy issues”?! Guess that’s because she already took care of them all…her way.