Gigi Lamayne sues Inno Morolong for defamation

Gigi Lamayne sues Inno Morolong for defamation
Image via Instagram

Gigi Lamayne raps right back at Inno Morolong with R1m defamation claim

Gigi Lamayne is demanding R1 million and a formal apology from Inno Morolong whose Instagram rant about the rapper went viral this week.

Gigi Lamayne sues Inno Morolong for defamation

Gigi Lamayne sues Inno Morolong for defamation
Image via Instagram

Gigi Lamayne is suing Inno Morolong for defamation of character after a series of wild allegations about the rapper “making a move” on Morolong’s boyfriend.

The award-winning rapper and hip-hop artist posted a copy of the papers served to the influencer on her social media accounts. In it, she is demanding an immediate retraction and a public apology from the star who accused her of trying to “steal” her boyfriend.

She is also demanding R1 million in compensation.


This week, Inno Morolong trended on Twitter timelines for making a series of wild allegations on her Instagram account.

The model and socialite lambasted Gigi Lamayne for trying to “make a move”on her boyfriend Fermi Large.

Her allegations against Gigi Lamayne include:

  • Gigi following her boyfriend on Instagram and accusing her being “busy” with her “leftovers”;
  • Challenging Gigi to a “boxing match or fight”;
  • Calling Gigi “dirty”, a “b****” and body-shaming her;
  • Accusing Gigi of being a “sangoma”;
  • Accusing Gigi of “copying” her style; and
  • Threatening to release Gigi’s “nudes, sex tape and dirty laundry”.

Inno posted in an Instagram Story: “I’ve never met this girl but she’s after every man I date…wtf do ÿou want from me?

“I even blocked you but you busy going after me with your struggling rap career…why you following my boyfriend? You want our drama to start again? I will finish you gogo.

“Why are you following my man? Wtf do you want from me & the men I date? My man is gonna block you the same way I blocked you. Leave me alone. I don’t know you.

Inno Morolong

“I used to have braces, now you decided to get braces. LOL what a joke, your lower teeth need veneers, or you can’t afford them? Now there’s levels, your braces look childish and dirty.”


Following Inno Morolong’s social media rant, Gigi Lamayne took to her own Instagram Live to respond to the public attention.

She said: “You know there are two sides to a story and there’s also a third one…I’m just really about supporting black women, so if you guys were looking for like a f**ked up response.You’re not gonna get it here, cause I’m winning too f**king hard..

Gigi Lamayne

“And I love you, whoever’s hurting I love you. So if it’s not like anything that’s got something to do with me and it’s more of a reflection for the next person I’m not about that. I love my brand and music too much”.

On Tuesday, Gigi Lamayne posted legal papers on social media of her intent to sue Inno Morolong for defamation.

She captioned the post: “In light of all the statements and videos published by Inno Morolong, I have since engaged my attorneys to take over the matter and I will not be making any further comments/statements regarding this issue”.

In the papers, Gigi’s legal representatives demanded from Inno:

  • Cease and desist from making any more offensive statements about Gigi
  • Delete and retract any offensive statements about Gigi from her social media accounts
  • Issue a written and video apology to Gigi, which must be posted on her social media accounts for 24 hours
  • Pay her R1 million by Thursday 25 November 2021

Should Inno Morolong not abide by Gigi’s demands, further legal action will be taken against her.

Inno has since deactivated her Instagram account.

This is a developing story.

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