Makhadzi and influencer Inno Morolong are at loggerheads over a gig the singer failed to perform at. Image via @makhadzisa, @innomorolong/Instagram

‘This ghetto artist’: Makhadzi and Inno go head to head [watch]

The wigs are off between Makhadzi and influencer Inno Morolong who are body shaming and taking jabs at each other.


Makhadzi and influencer Inno Morolong are at loggerheads over a gig the singer failed to perform at. Image via @makhadzisa, @innomorolong/Instagram

Award-winning singer Makhadzi may be having the time of her life as she gigs in Canada, but she has also had to take time off to address an issue on social media.

On Wednesday 20 July, the Ghanama singer took jabs at promoter and reality TV star Inno Morolong who accused her of being a no-show and not paying back her booking fee for a gig at the Dundee July this past weekend.

Now, the two personalities are in a full-blown feud as the Diamonds and Dolls cast member has responded to the musician.

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According to a video shared on Twitter by Makhadzi’s fan page called Khadzinator, Inno has been dragging the singer’s name for allegedly not showing up to a gig and also claimed she’s out living her best life while she still owes people money.

However, the singer — who was reportedly slapped with a R159 000 lawsuit for the same reasons last week — decided it was time to address a few things on Instagram Live in the company of her friend and fellow musician, Zanda Zakuza.

“My life is a movie because of people’s support, they buy my music, those promoters who book me every weekend. And for those who book me and I don’t pitch, obviously, I do not plan on not coming it means something happened and we refund them.

“Stop dimming my light, I still want to shine I am working hard,” said Makhadzi.

In the same video, Makhadzi took her address up a notch by talking to Inno directly. The Haka Matorokisi hitmaker attacked Inno for her many body surgeries, saying she doesn’t need to change her look to make money as the reality TV star does.

“We don’t do lipos [liposuction] to get money… we go out and perform and if that works for you, don’t disturb our peace,” Makhadzi said.

When Zanda chimed in and told Inno to try DJing to make money, an angry Makhadzi responded:

“No, just walk on the street naked. ONCE!”


Inno, who is known not to hold back when she starts her rants on Instagram, responded to Makhadzi. She labelled the musician a “ghetto artist” who is body shaming people.

The controversial influencer claimed not to even know who Makhadzi is, adding that her music only plays at taverns and taxi ranks and not at the “high-class clubs” she hosts at.

“I’m going live tomorrow to address this ghetto artist that’s body shaming people who had surgery… that’s claiming people are jealous of her. Honey, how???? We don’t know you and we don’t care who you are.

“Your songs play at taverns and taxi ranks not at high-class clubs and events I host at.

Inno also took jabs at Makhadzi’s appearance, saying the singer needs liposuction.

“People have been exposing you to pay them but just because Inno is saying pay back Dundee July you go live and address me. My skat, you’re addressing the wrong one here,” she wrote.

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Inno allegedly also body-shamed Makhadzi in the DMs, telling her she looks like a bodybuilder.

In response, Makhadzi laughed and told her she works hard for her money and also sarcastically offered to pay her rent.

Their back and forth led to Makhadzi’s boyfriend, Master KG, being dragged Inno claimed he does not love her because she “looks like a dragon.”