Phila Mazibuko

Former ‘Generations: The Legacy’ actor Phila Mazibuko. Images via twitter @Itu Tudu

Phila Mazibuko: ‘I no longer get excited about fame’

Former ‘Generations: The Legacy’ actor and ‘Live Amp’ TV presenter Phila Mazibuko says he’s now working behind the scenes.

Phila Mazibuko

Former ‘Generations: The Legacy’ actor Phila Mazibuko. Images via twitter @Itu Tudu

Former Muvhango, Generations: The Legacy actor and Live Amp TV presenter Phila Mazibuko reveals that he is currently working behind the scenes and doesn’t get excited by fame anymore.   

“I love my space and no longer get excited about fame.”  

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The star Phila Mazibuko, who was a presenter on Live Amp and was an actor on SABC1’s soapie Generations: The Legacy tells Drum Magazine that he left his role as a prophet and is currently working behind the scenes.   

“I worked on Generations this year playing some crazy character, after being with them for a year. I played the crazy prophet Dingaan which I thoroughly enjoyed as it was challenging and demanding. But now I am on a break and have a few things in the pipeline, which I cannot divulge as yet.”  

He adds that before joining the SABC1 soapie Generations, he was busy directing independent movies.   

Mazibuko was a teenager when he started as a presenter on Live Amp and attended every party, and red-carpet ceremony.   

“I am grateful for it, it was fun, and I was getting paid to party. I did what I loved in front of the camera but also got to work behind the scenes. But I don’t miss that life. I don’t miss the parties and nightlife but I miss acting jobs that came more frequently. Acting allows you to connect with people and transform into different characters. I meet people who remember some of the roles that I have played and it makes me smile.”   

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The former Muvhango actor adds that the Covid-19 pandemic affected his income and work is scarce.  

“Work is scarce. We have just come out of a pandemic. If you’re an artist you are employed, consider yourself lucky,” he says.   

“Covid-19 affected me badly and not knowing where to get my next meal after years of always being employed was a challenge.”   

He also tells Drum Magazine that he’s blessed to have his family, who’s been helping him out and knowing he was not the only one affected.  

“It affected my mental health to some degree, to always be thinking about when it will end when just a few months back we could put food on the table and now I have to worry about basic needs,” he says.   

“I needed to balance my spirituality and working out helped me to relieve a lot of stress. I’ve heard many stories of men crying and worrying about [assets] being repossessed and moving back home. But I have been blessed to have family behind my back.”   

The star admits that he’d love to be cast for acting roles, but while he waits, he wants to focus on his personal goals, physical health goals. 

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