Gail Sho's memorial

Image via Twitter @GailMabalane

Gail Mabalane praised for her words at Shona Ferguson’s memorial

South African actress Gail Mabalane has been referred to as ‘grace personified’ after delivering a touching speech at Shona Ferguson’s memorial service.

Gail Sho's memorial

Image via Twitter @GailMabalane

South African actress Gail Mabalane has left many South Africans feeling all sorts of proud. The actress has been trending on Twitter after delivering a sensational farewell speech at a fellow actor, Shona Ferguson’s memorial service which took place earlier today (6 August).

All hail, Gail

Mzansi actress and Blood & Water star Gail Mabalane has left many of her fellow South Africans both proud and with tears in their eyes.

The actress was among a number of prominent South Africans who gathered at the memorial service of actor and producer Shona Ferguson who was laid to rest on the 5 August 2021.

Shona Ferguson farewell speech

Mabalane delivered a farewell speech to Shona who is the husband of Connie Ferguson, which left many people reaching for their tissues. In her speech, she recalls how she was speaking to Shona while on the set of Rockville. She remembers telling him how Godly he is – something she admires so much about him.

“When I spoke to Shona on the set of ‘Rockville’, I was privileged enough to tell him, ‘You wear God so well’. Some people are distribution centre of God’s goodness” she is heard saying.

She then goes on to speak about how close Connie and Shona were and how humble they have alway been. See a snippet of the clip below:

South Africans are truly touched:

Many locals absolutely loved her speech and only good things to say about it. A lot of them praised her for being so powerful yet so “humble” at the same time while speaking at the memorial service.

@cdoubleuwhy said:

“I really like Gail Mabalane. The minute she started speaking, my heart was moved. She comes across as authentic. Whatever spirit she carries is easy. She’s so grateful. The beauty needs no special mention bcz it probably makes you look up even before she speaks.#theSHOgoeson”

@gracemakhubela said:

“That Gail Mabalane tribute on #theSHOgoeson was everything Godly. Epic! Grace personified. Wow!”

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