’21 and killing the game’: Gab

Gabrielle Union gushes over Nkosi Ngema. Images via Instagram @gabunion @khosingema.

’21 and killing the game’: Gabrielle Union gushes over Khosi Ngema

Gabrielle Union has a ‘fixsation’ on ‘Blood & Water’ star Khosi Ngema as she celebrates the 21-year-old’s talent in a #WCW post.

’21 and killing the game’: Gab

Gabrielle Union gushes over Nkosi Ngema. Images via Instagram @gabunion @khosingema.

This week American actress Gabrielle Union dedicated her #WomanCrushWednesday post to Blood & Water actress Khosi Ngema, via Instagram on 29 September. 


Blood & Water fever has taken over more than just South Africa! The drama series has caught the eye of Being Mary Jane star Gabrielle Union. The American actress took to social media to show love to South African actress Khosi Ngema as she gushed over her in a #WomanCrushWednesday post. 

Khosi Ngema plays the role of Fikile Bhele in Netflix’s drama series Blood & Water, which was shot in Cape Town, Western Cape. Khosi Ngema and Ama Qamata are the lead actresses of Blood & Water. Ama Qamata plays Puleng Khumalo, a teenage girl who becomes obsessed with figuring out whether Fikile Bhele is her sister, who was abducted years ago. 

The season is divided into #TeamBlood and #TeamWater. Gabrielle Union is clearly #TeamWater as she took to social media to celebrate Khosi Ngema. If you’re thinking of binging season two this weekend, here is a recap of season one.

A study by Netflix revealed that international tourists are three times more likely to make Mzansi their number one travel destination after watching South African-based Netflix shows such as Blood & Water and My Octopus Teacher.

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This was a part of Gabrielle Union’s social media tradition of celebrating woman on Wednesdays under #WCW. The Bring It On star expressed how impressed she was with Khosi Ngema’s acting, saying that she is just 21-years-old and already killing the game.

“Today’s #WCW is the immensely talented @khosingema. She plays Fikile Bhele on Netflix’s series Blood & Water (if you haven’t watched season 1, RUN DON’T WALK! Season 2 just started, and we are already deep). Khosi is only 21 years old and is already killing the game,” wrote Union on Instagram.

“Not only does her natural skill as an actress shine through on the show, but also this young woman does it all! When she’s not stunning on Blood & Water, she’s STUNTING as a model and singer,” she continued.

Gabrielle Union did her homework! She went on to note that Khosi Ngema moved from Gauteng to the Western Cape to start filming the series.

“Her passion for the arts quickly motivated her to break into the industry so much so, that when she landed the role for Blood & Water, she quickly moved from her hometown in Gauteng, South Africa to Cape Town to start filming,” she added.

She also noted that the Blood & Water actress advocates for clean beauty and healthy eating habits. 


Taking to her Instagram story, the South African actress thanked Gabrielle Union for the love and expressed that she is inspired by her.

“@gabunion thank you so much for the love Queen. You inspire me,” wrote Ngema on Instagram.

Khosi Ngema’s Instagram story. Screenshot via Instagram @khosingema.

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