‘Muvhango’ actor Gabriel Temudzani as Azwindini. Image via Twitter @philmphela

Gabriel Temudzani returns to ‘Muvhango’ as Azwindini?

Sources reveal that actor Gabriel Temudzani, who exited as Chief Azwindini Mukwevho is back at ‘Muvhango’ and shooting.


‘Muvhango’ actor Gabriel Temudzani as Azwindini. Image via Twitter @philmphela

Actor Gabriel Temudzani, who bid farewell to Muvhango on Monday, 8 May as Chief Azwinidini has reportedly returned to the SABC2 soapie.

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Entertainment commentator Phil Mphela revealed on Saturday, 20 May that popular Muvhango actor Gabriel Temudzani, who played Azwinidini Mukwevho for more than two decades may have returned to show.

Mphela tweeted with a picture of Temudzani: “Muvhango lied? In what can only be an effort to boost ratings, Muvhango and its star Gabriel Temudzani may have pulled a fast one! The press statement and Gabriel farewell media blitz may have all been a ruse — the actor is still on the show.”

Mphela added that sources have informed him that the actor is still shooting with the show and will make an on-screen return very soon.

“Which begs the questions; Why release an official press statement? Why have Gabriel confirm his exit on national radio?” asked the commentator

This is after the actor confirmed his exit to TshisaLIVE and that he’s ready to apply himself in other spaces.

“It’s an emotional roller coaster. Muvhango has been my home for a long time and unfortunately, we are here. Parting ways has never been kind, but it is one of those [things] I guess. For now I’m going take time to press the reset button and move accordingly.”

Temudzani also revealed that there are several things lined up after his exit such as travelling, making more time for his children, and continuing to watch Muvhango from a distance without him in it and watching how things unfold.

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The talented actor Muvhango Gabriel Temudzani also shared highlights of playing Chief Azwindini Mukwevho for 23 years.

“My favourite moment was when the character was fighting for justice when the character was fighting for the family to be integrated. Another one was when he was fighting for the family shares to remain in the family. When the character was fighting for Susan to be incorporated into the family as his better half regardless of her being a commoner and luckily when the character assumed chieftaincy responsibility, I think those were compelling moments that brought about a turning point to the character that also ushered the character into colourful moments that made Azwindini be an iconic character that he is today.

He also revealed he’s going to miss the family element, the jokes they used to crack, and the emotional roller coaster they would go through on the scenes.

“We can say what we want, but the viewers make the show. If the viewers are not there we might as well close shop and go to our respective homes. The viewers have been a pivotal part of the work we do and the world we find ourselves in.”

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