Enhle Mbali

Actress Enhle Mbali. Image via Instagram @enhlembali

‘Fires spying security guard’: Actress Enhle Mbali lives in fear

Actress Enhle Mbali Mlotshwa reportedly fired a security guard and lives in fear after someone threatened to leak her nudes.

Enhle Mbali

Actress Enhle Mbali. Image via Instagram @enhlembali

Rockville actress Enhle Mbali Mlotshwa has revealed that she’s living in fear after an unknown person threatened to leak revealing pictures of her to the public.

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City Press reports that the Isibaya actress Enhle Mbali says she’s living in fear after someone threatened to leak compromising pictures of her, which were stolen from her phone.  “She also fired a security guard who was allegedly spying on her.”  

The publication adds that the fashion designer filed a report with the police after a caller using an unknown number threatened to leak her nudes.  

It is believed she discovered her private security guard was passing on confidential information to her estranged husband’s DJ Black Coffee driver.  

The entrepreneur told City Press that several incidents had happened in the home that made her believe that someone was trying to take over her life. She overheard the security guard revealing her whereabouts to her ex-husband’s driver on the phone.  

“I was taking my child to the doctor. As I was exiting my house, I overheard our private security guard telling someone on the phone that ‘she is leaving, she has not left yet, she is taking the kids with her’.  

“I then went inside the security booth and I asked him who he is talking to. He didn’t respond to that, so I took the phone and I asked who is this. The man on the other side said: ‘Hi, ma’am. I was told to come and fetch the kids.’” She said:  

“I told him that he was not telling the truth because I had emailed the father of my children and he knows that I am taking the kids to a doctor.”  

Mbali believes the man on the phone was her estranged husband’s driver called Ernest.  

“I took the phone and the man called again. I then gave the security guard the phone and I heard the man once again asking: ‘Is she still around.’ So the security guard kept quiet and then the man said: ‘Sezo yi susa ksasa [We will cause havoc tomorrow].’  

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Image via Twitter @sax_squash


According to City Press, the mother of two Enhle Mbali Mlotshwa learned that the security guard was sharing details of her movements with third parties and taking pictures of her guests.  

“I have been feeling unsafe, I have been feeling unprotected, I have been feeling vulnerable in many ways …”

“I said I don’t feel safe with this guy here, so I asked the security company to remove him from my house.”  

“I went through our security phone. This is our phone in the property that gets used by security [guards]. So, when I got the phone, I realised that there were pictures of my guests, packages for delivery, my mother’s number plates, my number plates, and conversations between the guard and another man,” she said.  

“I have opened a criminal case with the police. A crime has not been committed yet, apart from my phone being tapped and we don’t know who tapped it. We have not found that out yet … I went to the police and said I am adding to this document that I have opened and the reason I have opened this docket in the first place is because I previously went on Instagram and said there is someone who keeps leaking stories to the false media.”  

She received a message after that video which said that they are going to leak her nude [photo] that was on her phone that she hadn’t sent to anyone else and is in her hidden files on her phone.

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