gareth cliff, eusebius mckaiser

Gareth Cliff has shared his unfiltered opinion on the death of celrbated journalist Eusebius McKaiser.
Images via Twitter:
@garethcliff/ @eusebius

‘Not pretend I’m sad’: Gareth Cliff criticises Eusebius after his death

‘More upset at Tina Turner’s death’: Radio personality Gareth Cliff shared scathing remarks in the wake of Eusebius McKaiser’s untimely death.

gareth cliff, eusebius mckaiser

Gareth Cliff has shared his unfiltered opinion on the death of celrbated journalist Eusebius McKaiser.
Images via Twitter:
@garethcliff/ @eusebius

It’s usually the norm to say kind and touching words in the wake of a person’s death. But not for Gareth Cliff and many other social media users who shared their unfiltered opinions about the late celebrated journalist Eusebius McKaiser.

Eusebius – known for his thought-provoking views on politics, race relations, crime, and the LGBTQ community –  died on Tuesday, 30 May, after reportedly having an epileptic attack.

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Speaking on CliffCentral on Wednesday, 31 May, Gareth Cliff touched on various headlines across the country, one of them being Eusebius McKaiser’s death.

But the former 5FM host had nothing nice to say.

In a clip posted on Twitter, Gareth brazenly said: “I never liked Eusebius McKaiser. I thought he was a poisonous and horrible person.

He continued: “He wrote vicious, unkind, and divisive columns. I didnt have time for this guy. I’m not going to be one of those people who pretends I’m sad that he’s gone. I’m not revelling in his death.

Eusebus McKaiser
Trolls have come out in droves following the death of the outspoken journo. Images via Twitter: @eusebius

“He was just very bitter and resentful.”

Gareth then delivered a low-blow remark. He added: “I’m still more upset about [the death of] Tina Turner, whom I never met, than Eusebius, whom I did meet. He’s gone!”.

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On Twitter, many South Africans have posted tributes and condolences following Eusebius’s death. However, a few trolls called out the late star for his outspoken views.

Here’s what a few had to say…

@Jentina3DArtist: “I remember when Eusebius called me a white c**t and then deleted the comment. His sole existence was to irritate whites. We didn’t lose much”.

@Nicole_Barlow1: “I was never a fan. In a country like South Africa, having a radio personality who was so openly racist and divisive was counterproductive.”

@DimaMsuthu: “Same WhatsApp group with that Prince Masheleng. Eusebius can go rest in hell”Twitter


On the flipside, several high-profile people clapped back at criticism of Eusebius.

Politician Phumzile van Damme tweeted: “Aw, all these racists happy Eusebius passed away & that is some sort of victory over him. A feather in his cape if there ever was. 

“He’d be proud having left this earth having clearly made an impact on you, your racism & your life. He has left a mark. You know him. You care”.

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Actor Siv Ngesi added: “Some of you are disgusting cowards. Eusebius

 would have wiped the floor with you in a debate or argument! So you waited for his death to attack him, his arguments, or views! Sickening”