Enhle Mbali

Actress Enhle Mbali. Image via Instagram @enhlembali

Enhle Mbali reportedly faces R143 million lawsuit

Actress Enhle Mbali Mlotshwa is reportedly being sued R143 million by a freelance photographer Cyan Haribhai for posting her own photos.

Enhle Mbali

Actress Enhle Mbali. Image via Instagram @enhlembali

Freelance photographer Cyan Haribhai is reportedly suing actress Enhle Mbali Mlothswa R143 million for photos she allegedly took of her at South African Fashion Week that Enhle Mbali reposted without her permission. 

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The freelance photographer Cyan Haribhai has allegedly filed the R143 million lawsuit in the Johannesburg High Court against Rockville actress Enhle Mbali. 

The Citizen and Sunday World reports that Haribhai is accusing the actress-fashion designer of clothing label Essie Apparel for allegedly taking the photographer’s fashion pictures published on a fashion website on Photo Vogue. 

It is believed she reposted them on her Instagram account without permission, reveals Sunday World.

In court documents seen by Sunday World Haribhai claims she took the photos of the fashion designer at South African Fashion Week and posted them on her Instagram account @cyanstrange. 

The photographer reportedly sent a lawyer’s letter to the fashion designer as her actions are copyright infringement. Haribhai adds that the Isibaya actress ignored the letter. 

Mbali reportedly told Sunday World that she’s been harassed by Haribhai by the “frivolous lawsuit” and that the photos were taken over three years ago. 

Actress Enhle Mbali had not yet commented to The South African at the time of publishing this article.

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According to City Press, the mother of two Enhle Mbali Mlotshwa revealed in December that she’s living in fear after someone threatened to leak compromising pictures of her, which were stolen from her phone. “She also fired a security guard who was allegedly spying on her.”  

The publication adds that the fashion designer filed a report with the police after a caller using an unknown number threatened to leak her nudes.  

It is believed she discovered her private security guard was passing on confidential information to her estranged husband’s DJ Black Coffee driver.  

“I have been feeling unsafe, I have been feeling unprotected, I have been feeling vulnerable in many ways …”

“I said I don’t feel safe with this guy here, so I asked the security company to remove him from my house.”  

“I went through our security phone. This is our phone in the property that gets used by security [guards]. So, when I got the phone, I realised that there were pictures of my guests, packages for delivery, my mother’s number plates, my number plates, and conversations between the guard and another man,” she said. 

“I have opened a criminal case with the police. A crime has not been committed yet, apart from my phone being tapped and we don’t know who tapped it.” 

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