‘Whole week without electricit

‘Rockville’ star Enhle Mbali. Image via Instagram @enhlembali_.

‘Whole week without electricity’? Enhle Mbali hits back at ‘broke’ claims

A source claims Enhle Mbali ‘cannot maintain the kind of lifestyle she used to have with Black Coffee, but she’s refusing to let go’.

‘Whole week without electricit

‘Rockville’ star Enhle Mbali. Image via Instagram @enhlembali_.

South African actress Enhle Mbali Mlotshwa has fired back at claims that her electricity has been cut off again due to another unpaid bill, via her Instagram Story on Saturday 2 September.


City Press reported that Enhle Mbali is “in the dark again” claiming that she has spent the “whole week without electricity” after her power had been cut off. The claims were backed up by two inside sources who said that the actress was in the dark from last Monday 30 August because her electricity bill had not been paid. 

“It’s just like last time but remember Nathi (Black Coffee) paid the bill then, so we don’t know whether he’ll pay it again now because he made it clear that he wouldn’t rescue her again,” said a source to City Press.

The source was referring to an occurrence in May this year when Enhle Mbali revealed that her electricity had been cut off because the bill was not paid, by her ex-husband DJ Black Coffee. 

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The Rockville star’s Instagram stories did not sit right with her ex-husband who went on a Twitter rant at the time, saying that since November 2020 he had paid R65 000 towards Enhle and their two sons – Anesu and Asante. He also added their children are suffering because of her lifestyle and she needs to take care of her bills.

Another source said that Black Coffee’s family only found out about the situation through the grapevine and he is not obligated to pay the bills because of their co-parenting arrangement.

“Enhle and Black Coffee are currently co-parenting, so the kids spend one week with their mom and the next week with their dad. Black Coffee’s family heard about the situation through others. He isn’t obligated to pay the electricity bill because, in terms of their parenting plan, each of them spends equal time with the children and therefore should take care of them equally,” said another source to City Press.

The source also mentioned that Enhle Mbali cannot maintain the kind of lifestyle she previously had while married to Black Coffee.

“It looks as if Mbali cannot maintain the kind of lifestyle she used to have with Black Coffee, but she’s refusing to let go,” the source added. 


While the sources have claimed that the actress cannot maintain the lifestyle she used to have and the publication claimed that she has not paid the electricity bill, Enhle Mbali stated that she was not at home all week. Mbali said that she was away from home, on vacation in Durban, KwaZulu-Natal. 

“I haven’t been home – I’ve been in Durban. It’s a joke now, this electricity thing. A woman gets abused financially and all kinds of ways, and it becomes a joke. I’m going to let it be. Let’s see how you guys perpetuate the system of patriarchy,” said Enhle Mbali to City Press.

Enhle Mbali then took to her Instagram stories to suggest that the publication had been stalking her and asked her 2.1 million followers what she should do about it.



Enhle Mbali’s mom Bongi Mlotshwa also hit back at City Press via her Instagram stories saying that the claims are not true. 


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