EFF’s Godrich Gardee and singer Makhadzi. Images via Twitter @insightfactor, Instagram @makhadzisa

EFF’s Gardee to Makhadzi: ‘We are here to fight your battles’

Lawyer and EFF member Godrich Gardee has reached out to Makhadzi to help her in her contractual dispute against Open Mic.


EFF’s Godrich Gardee and singer Makhadzi. Images via Twitter @insightfactor, Instagram @makhadzisa

Musician Makhadzi is not alone in her battle against her “former” record label, Open Mic Productions.

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The MaGear singer has received the support of not only her fans, but of Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) member and the party’s former Secretary-General, Goodrich Gardee. The politician, who is also a lawyer by profession, owns a law firm – Gardee Godrich Attorneys.

In a tweet on Saturday, 6 May, Gardee reached out to Makhadzi saying: “Hi @MakhadziSA drop DM for assistance in case you do not have any. We are here to fight your battles!”

The 26-year-old Limpopo-born star has been trending all day after pouring her heart out about the contractual dispute she is embroiled in with Open Mic.

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On Wednesday, the chart-topper released a statement announcing her departure from the record label.

“I, Ndivhudzannyi Makhada Ralivhona, have decided not to renew the contract which was entered between myself and Open Mic Productions (PTY) LTD. The contract which came into effect in March 2020 came to an end in March 2023, after 3 years of trutful and productive working relationship,”the statement read in part.

The Ghanama hitmaker went on to reveal that all her bookings will be handled by her company, Makhadzi Entertainment.

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Open Mic slaved Makhadzi
Singer Makhadzi. Image via Instagram @makhadzisa


However, speaking to Sunday World, Open Mic managing director Nkateko Maluleke said that the musician is still their artist as she signed an auto-renewal contract.

“An auto-renewable contract means when the expiry time comes, it automatically renews until the record label decides not to renew. It renews with a similar period as the initial contract and she has a letter confirming renewal,” Maluleke said.

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Following Open Mic’s response, Makhadzi dropped the cordial act and exposed Open Mic for exploitation.

The musician alleged on Twitter that she has never received a copy of her contract and has never received a cent from her sales.

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She also shared a letter she received from Maluleke in February confirming the renewal of her contract for another three years.

In addition, she shared an email from YouTube notifying her of a copyright strike after releasing her new song, Niazwifha, on Friday. Open Mic allegedly took down her song from the video sharing app, claiming they own the rights to the song.