Doja Cat

Dumisani Dlamini slammed for celebrating daughter Doja Cat. Images via Instagram @official_dumisanidlamini @recordingsacademy.

‘No shame’: Dumisani dragged for ‘claiming’ daughter Doja Cat’s Grammy

Dumisani Dlamini is being dragged on Instagram for celebrating his daughter Doja Cat’s Grammy after allegedly being a ‘deadbeat’ dad.

Doja Cat

Dumisani Dlamini slammed for celebrating daughter Doja Cat. Images via Instagram @official_dumisanidlamini @recordingsacademy.

South African actor Dumisani Dlamini has been slammed for celebrating the Grammy win of his daughter Amala Ratna Zandile Dlamini, popularly known as Doja Cat, via an Instagram post on 5 April.


Dumisani Dlamini, best known for his role in the iconic 1992 film Sarafina, took to Instagram to celebrate his daughter Doja Cat’s Grammy win. Doja Cat collected her Grammy on Sunday 3 April for her chart-topping single Kiss Me More, featuring SZA, after a quick bathroom break. 

“I have never taken such a fast p*** in my whole life. I like to downplay a lot of sh*t. But this is a big deal. Thank you everybody. Be safe, take care,” she said.

Dumisani was celebrating his child’s achievement, but fans slammed him for being a “deadbeat” dad who now wants to be proud of his child. The Sarafina star thanked everybody for supporting Doja Cat.

“Just wanted to thank everyone who supported my child zandile god bless you all,” he wrote.

Take a look at what Doja Cat fans had to say

“This reminds me of my dad when I won Miss SA! What. A. Damn. Mess! Wow!” commented Liesl Laurie. 

“Haiiboo the nerve????????????,” commented Meckenzie. 

“You’ve never even met her???” commented veeqobs.

“One thing about deadbeats, they will claim you even when they don’t even know your address,” commented moesuttle. 

“You have no shame,” commented nqubekononto.

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The singer was born in Los Angeles, California, and lived with her mother Jewish-American artist Deborah Elizabeth Sawyer. She previously said that she has never met her father. 

“I have never [met him], and he’s on Instagram. And he comments on my pictures sometimes, maybe not anymore, but he did a few months ago. He’s an incredible dancer and great actor, but yeah, I don’t know him very well,” she said in an interview with Radio One DC.

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