Duduzile Zuma fikile mbalula

Duduzile ‘Dudu’ Zuma is no stranger to fighting her father’s battles – Image via Twitter / @DZumaSambudla

SA reacts to Dudu Zuma joking about Premier Zikalala: ‘Aren’t you ashamed?’

Duduzile Zuma is at it again. This time the daughter of former president Jacob Zuma has been criticised for laughing at the Premier Sihle Zikalala incident.

Duduzile Zuma fikile mbalula

Duduzile ‘Dudu’ Zuma is no stranger to fighting her father’s battles – Image via Twitter / @DZumaSambudla

Duduzile Zuma is one mouthy individual. The daughter of former president Jacob Zuma has once again been dragged. This time she got an earful from South Africans after she poked fun at Premier Sihle Zikalala who was caught on camera assaulting a looter.

People in glass houses don’t throw stones, Dudu

Even though she is always getting dragged online, Duduzile has never considered silence. Just a day ago, she was criticised for supporting TV presenter Jub Jub’s controversial comments on looting.

And now the daughter of South Africa’s former president Jacob Zuma took to Twitter on Thursday this week to comment on Premier Sihle Zikalala’s assault incident.

Premier Zikalala vs looter

Earlier this week, the premier was caught on live TV hitting a looter who was trying to escape the scene. Duduzile, who is one of the many who watched in disbelief as the drama unfolded, shared her thoughts.

Dudu seemed to have found a clip of Zikalala practising his fighting skills and captioned it:

“ He trained hard for this”

Not a laughing matter

South Africans did not seem to think that Dudu had anything to laugh about. Many of them headed to the comment section where they criticised her for “inciting violence” and continuously sharing controversial tweets.

A lot of them also asked her to take several seats because despite all the unrest in the country, her father Jacob Zuma remains behind bars. Some of them even called on her Twitter account to be suspended.

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Dudu gets an earful from gatvol tweeps

@Somgobhozi said:

“Oksalayo your father is in Jail! From hero to Zero.”

@Justinright1 said:

“Marikana happened under his presidency and fees must fall arrests and convictions also. What did dad dearest train to do by the way?”

Of course, there were also many Zuma supporters who laughed along with Dudu while offering her and the rest of her family support.

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